Vision, Core Purpose, Core Values, & Strategic Goals


All children and youth access the learning, behavior, and mental health support needed to thrive in school, at home, and throughout life.

Core Purpose

NASP empowers school psychologists to promote the learning, behavior, and mental health of all children and youth.

Core Values

Integrity: NASP is committed to high standards, ethical principles, social justice, honesty, fairness, and treating others with dignity and respect.

Diversity: NASP honors individual, cultural, and other contextual differences in our own interactions and as they shape students' development.

A Focus on Children and Youth: NASP prioritizes the needs of children, youth, and families in all activities. 

Advocacy: NASP promotes equitable schooling and positively influences outcomes, directly affecting the lives of children, youth, families, and the school communities we serve.

Collaborative Relationships: NASP partners with allied organizations, agencies, and others to develop and achieve shared goals.

Continuous Improvement: NASP sets challenging objectives and evaluates the effectiveness of organizational processes and professional practices.

Visionary Leadership: NASP approaches its work with optimism, energy, and professionalism, working pragmatically with "what is" while moving toward "what can be."

Strategic Goals

Social Justice
Ensure that all children and youth are valued and that their rights and opportunities are protected in schools and communities.

Workforce Shortages
A high-quality and diverse school psychology workforce is available to meet an increasing demand for school psychological services.

Leadership Development
School psychologists possess the leadership skills to effect change at the local, state, and national levels.

NASP Practice Model
School psychologists, state education agencies, and local education agencies implement the NASP Model for Comprehensive and Integrated School Psychological Services (NASP Practice Model).

Mental/Behavioral Health Providers
All school psychologists provide culturally competent and comprehensive mental and behavioral health (MBH) services.

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Strategic Plan 2017 - 2022