NASP Committees and Boards

NASP leadership includes the Board of Directors, the Leadership Assembly, committees, boards, task forces and panels appointed to advance the work of the association. Below is a directory of NASP's committees and boards.

Generally, opportunities to join committees and boards are posted on the Member Exchange and on this webpage. Most positions are advertised in the spring, with appointments typically beginning July 1.

Assistance to States Committee

Conducts ongoing assessment of state association needs for assistance from the Association, coordinates training for state leaders related to association organizational management and professional issues, provides continued information to state associations regarding NASP resources, and facilitates communication among state associations.

Chair: Christina Hare Cochair: Krista Klabo

Communications Committee

Supports the major messaging and advocacy needs of the Association, with the specific focus on helping individual members understand and be better equipped to effectively communicate about and advocate for their role and needed services in their districts and states.

Chair: Katherine Dockweiler Cochair: Alexandra Franks-Thomas

Convention Committee

Coordinates the planning and operations of the annual convention.

Chair: Todd Savage Cochair: Susan Ratterree

Early Career Committee

Focuses on providing relevant resources to support and retain early career school psychologists as well as to assist in developing future Association leaders.

Chair: Brittany Zakszeski Cochair: Maria Jimenez

Ethics and Professional Practices Board

Promotes ethical and professional practices that are consistent with the Association’s Principles for Professional Ethics and Model for Comprehensive and Integrated School Psychological Services.

Chair: Melissa Pearrow Cochair: John Garruto

Government and Professional Relations (GPR) Committee

Serves as the public policy arm of NASP. GPR focuses on promoting comprehensive school psychological services and effective educational and mental health services for all children and their families through appropriate legislation, advocacy, and public policy development.

Chair: Kari Oyen Cochair: Julia Szarko

Graduate Education Committee

Promotes effective graduate education and supports for graduate educators through technical assistance, faculty recruitment and retention efforts, resource development and sharing, recognition programs, and coordination with the Program Accreditation Board.

Chair: Kasee Stratton-Gadke Cochair: Dan Gadke

Graduate Student Committee

Organizes and directs professional development and networking activities at the annual convention to help graduate students of school psychology increase their knowledge and skills in the field; provides students with leadership opportunities through the NASP Student Leader program; develops resources for students and early career professionals; and increases student familiarity with the benefits of membership in their professional association.

Chair: Malena Nygaard Cochair: Kethaki Karunathilake

Leadership Development Committee

Provides ongoing training in leadership skills for school psychology leaders, orients new and returning Association leaders to their duties and responsibilities, identifies and establishes mentors for emerging leaders, provides technical assistance for boards and committees, compiles leadership resources to support leader development, identifies emerging leaders, and evaluates leadership development initiatives and their effectiveness.

Chair: Elizabeth Niemiec Cochair: Katya Sussman Dawson

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, Two Spirit (LGBTQI2-S) Committee

Provides information, research, and resources to increase school psychologists’ cultural competence and utilization of best practices in providing effective educational and mental health services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, and two-spirited youth.

Chair: Amy Cannava Cochair: Sarah Kiperman

Membership Committee

Assists the professional staff with strategies for membership recruitment and retention.

Chair: Kelsey Theis Cochair: Amy Izuno-Garcia

Multicultural Affairs Committee

Promotes cultural awareness and culturally competent practice within the field of school psychology and serves as cultural advisors to NASP leadership.

Chair: Leigh Williams Subcommittee Cochairs: Erin Harper, Laura Hackett, Lisa Aguilar, Carmen Needham, Sruthi Swami, and Annmary Abdou

National and State Credentialing Committee

Promotes the Association’s Standards for the Credentialing of School Psychologists and supports states in advocacy efforts related to credentialing.

Chair: Greg Machek Cochair: Barry Barbarasch

National School Psychology Certification Board

Maintains the Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) credential, including managing reviews of application portfolios submitted by graduates of non-NASP-approved programs.

Chair: Donald Sibley Cochair: Phyllis Hamilton

Nominations and Elections Committee

Charged with arranging, implementing, and overseeing the annual election of Officers, Delegates, and Delegate Representatives. Enforces the rules set forth by the Board of Directors and the Leadership Assembly, and recommends to these bodies any and all procedural changes that it deems necessary and appropriate.

Chair: Stephen Brock

Practice Model Committee

Promotes the implementation of the NASP Practice Model through the creation and dissemination of support materials and resources for use by school psychologists, university graduate educators, state school psychology leaders, and external stakeholders.

Chair: Tyler Kitson Cochair: Brook Roberts

Professional Growth Committee

Supports the ongoing professional development of school psychologists through such activities as the development of self-study resources and a speakers’ bureau for state conferences; coordinates documentation of continuing professional development (CPD) credit for Association activities; provides consultation on CPD to state affiliates, the Convention Committee, and the National School Psychology Certification Board (NSPCB); and coordinates the Approved Provider System (APS).

Chair: Leslie Paige Cochair: Stephanie Dredge

Professional Positions Committee

Facilitates the development of position papers articulating the current trends and positions advocated by the Association.

Chair: Amy Briesch Cochair: Shanter Alexander

Program Accreditation Board

Promotes the preparation of a diverse population of highly competent school psychologists through implementation of the NASP Standards for Graduate Preparation of School Psychologists.

Chair: Natalie Politikos Cochair: Eric Robinson

Publications Committee

Holds ultimate responsibility for all NASP publications, without undue interference in the procedures for publishing the Communiqué, School Psychology Review, and NASP books.

Chair: Corey Lee Cochair: Ellie Young

Research Committee

Conducts, collects, analyzes, and disseminates research relevant to the practice and the profession of school psychology.

Chair: Shereen Naser Cochair: Paulette Pitt

School Safety and Crisis Response Committee

Oversees the Association’s work related to school safety and crisis prevention, mitigation, protection, response, and recovery.

Chair: Franci Crepeau-Hobson Cochair: Scott Woitaszewski

Social Justice Committee

Promotes non-discriminatory, equitable, and evidence-based practices in school psychology to ensure the educational rights, opportunities, and well-being of all children and youth, especially those whose voices and experiences have been marginalized.

Chair: Leandra Parris Cochair: Adrianna Crossing