NASP 50 Forward

A lot has changed at NASP and in school psychology over the last half a century. To celebrate, we will be featuring content from across NASP's history here for you to see how the association and the profession have changed over the years and where we are headed in the years to come.

Roots to Leaves (Podcast)

Our logo mark, the Psi Tree, isn't just the combination of the symbol for psychology and the tree of learning, it also represents our commitment to continuous growth as an organization and a profession. In that vein, we have pared some of our early career members with some of our legends members to talk about the future of NASP, school psychology, and how we got to where we are today. These podcasts are currently in production and we will be posting them here shortly.

Jean Ramage and Kari Oyen

In the inaugural episode of Roots to Leaves, Kari Oyen, Assistant Professor of School Psychology at the University of South Dakota and Central Regional Representative on NASP’s GDPR Committee, interviews Jean Ramage, a NASP legend who once served as NASP’s President and played a key role in developing the first strategic plan. In discussing past trends, Jean looks towards the future of the profession and discusses what we need to consider under the next renewal of IDEA and how we can address shortages.

The History of NASP

History of the National Association of School Psychologists: The First Decade (PDF)

Co-authored by William Farling and James Agner, this article was first published in Volume 8, Issue 2 of School Psychology Digest (now School Psychology Review) in 1979 and overviews the first 10 years of the NASP. You can view the entire issue on "NASP at Ten" in the School Psychology Review archive here.

Historical Summary and Analysis of the First 20 Years of the National Association of School Psychologists (PDF)

First appearing in Volume 18, Issue 2 of School Psychology Review in 1989, this article is the cumulative work of Thomas K. Fagan, Nadine Block, Kevin Dwyer, Sharon Petty, Mary St. Cyr, and Cathy Telzrow. It provides a comprehensive overview of the first 20 years of NASP, comparing its first decade to its most recent, and highlights trends in conventions. You can view the entire "NASP at Twenty" mini-series of School Psychology Review here

A Critical Appraisal of the NASP's First 25 Years (PDF)

Based off of an address he gave at 1993 The Future of School Psychology Symposium, this article by Thomas K. Fagan appeared in Volume 23, Issue 4 School Psychology Review. It provides an overview of organizational development preceding the founding of the NASP and a personal account of the NASP’s subsequent growth, accomplishments, and shortcomings.

NASP at 40: Reflections on School Psychology and NASP

Published in Volume 37, Issue 5 of Communiqué in 2009, this article was written by then-NASP Historian Thomas K. Fagan. It overviews the previous 40 years of school psychology and NASP, as well as identifies concerns for the future of the profession.

Communiqué-ting through time

Shortly after its founding, the National Association of School Psychologist launched its first newsletter which eventually became Communiqué. While we host Communiqué issues going back to 2006 on our website, older issues (from 1969 through 1999) can be found here.

We've highlighted a few issues below that you might be interested in viewing.

May 1969
Original Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1


Fall 1972
Communiqué Volume 1 Issue 1


August 1978
Communiqué Volume 7 Issue 1


August 1986
Communiqué Volume 15 Issue 2


December 1988
Communiqué Volume 17 Issue 4


September 1993
Communiqué Volume 22 Issue 1


June 1997
25th Anniversary Issue


September 1999
Communiqué Volume 28, Issues 1


NASP Matters Because...

As part of our 50th anniversary celebration, we want people to share why NASP is important to them! Download our flyer, write down why NASP matters to you, and share a picture with it on social media! Remember to tag NASP and use #NASP50Forward on Twitter and Instagram.