Puerto Rico

There is no SEA job title for school psychologists. Puerto Rico's SEA subcontracts psychological services from private companies that will provide them with needed psychological evaluations and counseling services. The SEA only hires school counselors and social workers as employees.

When the SEA subcontracts psychological services, they require that the private group provides services by a licensed psychologist, which can be a professional with an MA or doctorate degree in school psychology or other professional psychology specialty. Licensure requires a passing score of 75% on the Licensing Board Exam.

The Psychologists Examiners Board of PR through regulation #8333 of 2013 requires every school, counseling or clinical psychologist to have a HSP (Health Care Provider) Certification (Certificación de Proveedor de Servicios Directos de Salud en Psicología) by January 2017.

Continuing Education Requirements:
45 contact hours are required every 3 years. NASP-approved CPD hours are accepted towards license renewal.

Scope of Practice:
Since school psychology credentials are generic and provided not by the SEA but by the Puerto Rico Psychology Licensing Board, a licensed school psychologist can practice in schools and private practice or work for companies that subcontract services to the SEA. The Puerto Rican Board of Psychologists is the only agency in Puerto Rico that credentials school psychologists.

Even though Public Law 170, a law that called for the creation of school psychologist positions within the SEA, was passed by the Puerto Rican legislature in 2000, this has not been implemented. Therefore, they continue to provide psychological services by subcontracting outside private agencies to perform the services required.

For more information: http://de.gobierno.pr/