Recognizes programs that meet NASP guidelines.

SEA Credential:
Practitioner School Service Personnel: Must complete an approved graduate level preparation program in school psychology consistent with the knowledge and skills required for licensure and the curriculum guidelines of NASP; a full-time internship (minimum of 600 hours in school setting) consisting of full-time work for one academic year or half-time work over a period of two consecutive academic years. Must pass the Praxis School Psychologist exam.

Professional License: Requires 3 years of employment. Additionally, the professional license requires the school director's recommendation or  30 PDP's (Professional Development Points).

Until someone who has obtained a school psychologist endorsement has been employed by a school for 3 years, their license is 'provisional.'

Continuing Education Requirements:
Renewal required every 5 years for those who are not employed for at least 5 of the last 10 years. Otherwise, renewal required every 10 years. Renewal requires 60 PDP's. They can be earned through training workshops, college/university credits, and TDOE personnel assessment data.

Scope of Practice:
School psychologists with the SEA credential can provide services in public schools (K-12), early childhood and pre-K settings, private and charter schools, and college or university settings. Specifically, those settings must be approved by the SEA. One must apply through the Board of Examiners in Psychology in order to practice independently. School psychologists may also qualify for the Certified Psychological Assistant credential issued through the board of psychology.

SEA website: http://www.tennessee.gov/education/index.shtml

SEA Contact/Consultant:
Joanna Bivens
Director, School Psychological Services
(W) 615-741-9231 

SEA documents, regulations, or standards: https://www.tn.gov/education/licensing.html

Psychology board website: http://tn.gov/health/topic/psych-board