Recognizes the NCSP for intial credential. NCSP satisfies requirements for PEL renewal after initial licensure has been held for five years. 

SEA Credential:
Professional Educator License (School Support Personnel Endorsement, School Psychologist): 

I. Basic Requirements

  • Applicant holds a valid, comparable out-of-state license
    • A copy of your valid, comparable out-of-state license
    • A master's degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution of higher education
    • The Illinois State Board of Education recently approved NCSP status for obtaining licensure in Illinois for out-of-state applicants. It is also believed that this approval covers in-state applicants, but exact interpretation will take a few months. Complete ISBE Form 80-06 if interested in applying to work in IL if you have your NCSP.
  • Applicant does not hold a valid, comparable out-of-state license
    • A master's degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution of higher education
    • Proof of completion of a State Approved Program (Use ISBE form 80-02S: State Approved Program and Completion of Standards Verification - School Support Personnel Only)                                        
    • Completion of coursework in addressing methods of teaching exceptional children, reading methods, content area reading, and methods of teaching English language learners (See ISBE form 80-02S: State Approved Program and Completion of Standards Verification)
    • Licensure Tests: All test scores are valid indefinitely.
    • A test of basic skills. NOTE: The following test scores may be accepted instead of taking the test of basic skills:
      • Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP 400)
      • ACT: Prior to 9/1/15 - Composite score of 22 with combined English/Writing score of 19 -OR- 9/1/15 and later - Composite score of 22 with Writing score of 16 - OR - 9/10/16 and later - Composite score of 22 with Writing score of 6
      • SAT: Prior to 3/5/16 - Composite score of 1030 (mathematics and critical reading) with a minimum writing score of 450 -OR- 3/5/16 and later - Composite score of 1110 (evidence-based reading and writing + mathematics = 1110 or higher) and a minimum score of 26 on writing and language                                        
      • School Psychologist (Test #237, effective January 22, 2018). Applicants who hold a valid school psychologist credential from another state (See ISBE Form 80-03) are assumed to have passed a test of basic skills and are often exempt from the Illinois Basic Skills test.     

II.    Specific Requirements for using the title "School Psychologist". Per Illinois School Code, Section 14-1.09. School Psychologist. "School Psychologist" means a psychologist who meets the following requirements:

  • A master's degree or higher in psychology or educational psychology with a specialization in school psychology from a regionally accredited institution, 250 hours of practicum in a school setting or child study center, and a 1200 contact hour internship lasting a full school year under the direction of a credentialed school psychologist. The internship requirement may be waived with verification of a full year of professional school psychologist experience on a valid state-issued school psychologist credential, or an Illinois provisional school psychologist certificate, and has such additional qualifications as may be required by the State Board of Education; OR
  • Holds a valid Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) credential (Public Act 100-0750, effective August 10, 2018). 

Provisional School Service Personnel Certificate: Applicants from other states who hold out-of-state credentials with comparable endorsements may obtain a Provisional School Service Personnel Certificate which is valid for two full fiscal years, with the first year ending on June 30 following the issue date. The holder of a provisional certificate should use this time period to complete testing requirements and remove other deficiencies found during the evaluation. Individuals who hold valid, comparable credentials from other states will be exempt from taking the Basic Skills test, unless previously failed, but must take the content test.

Continuing Education Requirements:
PELs are renewable on the date that the previous certificates were due. Renewals of PELs and new registrations are valid for five years after professional development requirements are met. ELs endorsed as a professional educator are valid for only two years and cannot be renewed. Holding the NCSP satisfies requirements for PEL renewal after initial licensure has been held for five years.  Those without the NCSP must obtain 120 continuing professional development hours (PD hours) every five years (rather than the previous 80 required). If currently in mid-cycle (renewal is less than 5 years away), hours required may be less depending on number of advanced degrees. 

Each individual must have their IEIN (Illinois Educator Information Number) on the attendance list of each workshop they attend which is sponsored by an Illinois approved provider of professional development. The IEIN can be found on the ELIS website. Professional development that the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) accepts MUST be provided by an Illinois approved provider. 

Scope of Practice:
School psychologists with the SEA credential can provide services in public schools (K-12), early childhood and pre-K settings, private and charter schools, college or university settings, clinical settings, and other agencies. The SEA credential also allows one to provide contract services in schools. The range of services are available through the Illinois Administrative Code (p. 45-64).

Additionally, an individual with credentials to work as a school psychologist by the State Board of Education, who is at least 21 years of age and has had at least 3 years of full-time experience as a credentialed school psychologist, can provide clinical psychological services outside the school setting under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist. Insurance companies cannot reimburse school psychologists directly for their services. School psychologists cannot provide services outside of their employment to any child who is a student in the district or districts which employ the school psychologist. Independent private practice requires licensure from the Illinois Division of Professional Regulation. School psychologists, in any capacity, are under the regulatory authority of the State Board of Education and the State Teacher Certification Board.

School psychologists may obtain a supervisory endorsement with the following credentials:

  1. Hold a master's or higher degree
  2. Have completed eight semester hours of graduate professional education which shall include at least one course related primarily and explicitly to the supervision of personnel and one course primarily and explicitly related to the administration and organization of schools
  3. Have at least 2 years of appropriate school service personnel experience

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