State School Psychology Credentialing Requirements

The State School Psychology Credentialing Requirements list provides information on:

  • Credentialing requirements needed to practice in schools
  • Continuing education requirements to maintain credentials
  • Whether the state accepts the NCSP as an alternative route to credentialing school psychologists
  • Scope of practice as it applies to the state education agency (SEA) credential
  • Contact information for state departments of education

This document is intended for informational and clarification purposes only.  It is provided as a service to the school psychology community as well as those with an expressed interest in school psychology.  We cannot and do not guarantee the currency or accuracy of the information contained in this document.  Although we will make every effort to provide current and updated information as we receive it, individuals should in all cases contact the appropriate state agencies to confirm the state's current requirements.  We will endeavor to update the information as it becomes available to us.

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