Puerto Rico

Psychologists in Puerto Rico are licenced by the Psychologist Examiner's Board. Entry level for practicing school psychology is a Master's degree in school psychology. The licence is awarded as psychologist and the professional practices in the area trained. Licensure requires a passing score of 75% on the Licensing Board Exam. The Puerto Rico Department of Education (PRDE) employs one psychologist per school and some services are subcontracted for Special Education from private companies that will provide them with needed psychological evaluations and intervention services.

Continuing Education Requirements:
45 contact hours are required every 3 years. 6 of those credits are required to be in ethics. 

Scope of Practice:
Since school psychology credentials are generic and provided not by the SEA but by the Puerto Rico Psychology Licensing/Examiner's Board, a licensed school psychologist can practice in schools and private practice or work for companies that subcontract services to the SEA. The Puerto Rican Board of Psychologists is the only agency in Puerto Rico that credentials school psychologists.

For more information: http://de.gobierno.pr/