Accepts NCSP as a route to school based credential.

SEA Credential:

An educator license area of School Psychologist has a designation of: (a) Associate; (b) Professional. An Associate license, good for only three years, requires the candidate to have completed all requirements for a regionally accredited master's level preparation program in school psychology, except completion of capstone school-based clinical experience and any co-requisite coursework. A Professional license, renewable after five years, requires completion of a preparation program meeting the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) standards, model of integrated services, and ethics.

Continuing Education Requirements:

Renewing a Professional School Psychologist license requires 100 hours of professional development and must be approved by the psychologist's school administrator.

Scope of Practice:
A School Psychologist with a Professional educator license may: (a) make referrals for students and families to community mental and behavioral health resources; (b) provide professional learning to staff and psychoeducation to parents regarding prevention and mental health related topics; (c) provide counseling to individuals and small groups of students with identified needs and concerns; (d) provide, coordinate, and participate in crisis intervention and prevention, including assessing students for risk of suicide; (e) participate in a multi-disciplinary team for the development of student special services, including: (i) behavior intervention plans; (ii) Section 504 accommodations; and (iii) individualized education program services; (f) conduct assessments in which the individual is trained in the ethical administration, scoring, and interpretation related to the intended use of the assessment and meet the assessment publisher's criteria for administration; and (g) act as a related service provider to provide counseling services for students with an individualized education program consistent with Board Rules and the Utah Special Education Rules manual.

USBE website: http://www.schools.utah.gov

USBE Contact/Consultant:
Leah Voorhies
250 E 500 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84114

USBE documents, regulations, or standards:

Utah State Board of Education Administrative Rules

Board Rule R277-301 Educator Licensing
Board Rule R277-306 Educator Preparation Programs

Board Rule R277-313 Student Support License Areas of Concentration

Board Rule R2770750 Education Programs for Students with Disabilities

Utah Special Education Rules 

Renew an Educator License

53E-6-201 State board licensure 

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