South Dakota

Accepts NCSP as a route to school based credential and fulfills renewal requirement.

Requires graduation from a graduate program meeting NASP standards.

SEA Credential:
School psychologist: An educator with a school psychologist education specialist certificate is eligible to be a school psychologist in an educational setting from early childhood through grade twelve.

Requires a graduate degree in school psychology. The required courses and experiences of a birth to age 21 school psychologist education program shall meet the NASP standards. State credential may be issued with documentation of NCSP.

School psychological examiner education endorsement: Requires a master's degree with a concentration of coursework that is essentially psychological in nature and 30 semester hours of undergraduate or graduate coursework to include the following courses:

  1. At least one course in each of the following: individual psychological evaluation, practicum in individual psychological evaluation, group testing, the child with disabilities, and educational statistics
  2. A minimum of 16 semester hours of coursework in five or more of the following areas: general psychology; abnormal psychology; child, adolescent, or developmental psychology; educational psychology; principles and practices of guidance programs; elementary guidance; and counseling methods or techniques

Continuing Education Requirements:
Credentials are renewed every 5 years, and requires a minimum of 6 credits, either college level or professional development, with 15 contact hours equaling 1 credit. This includes a minimum of one clock hour of suicide awareness and prevention training. These can be through professional organizations or other trainings/workshops that are related to school psychology. Maintenance of the NCSP credential will also fulfill renewal requirements. A 10-year, 'one time' credential is awarded for someone just completing a master's program. 

Scope of Practice:
The SEA credential does not allow practice outside of schools. One must apply through the Board of Examiners of Psychologists in order to practice privately. Find more under ARSD 24:28:08:08

SEA website:

SEA documents, regulations, or standards: Administrative rule 24:53:09:03 for school psychologists; Administrative rule 24:15:06:35 for school psychological examiners; Administrative Rule 24:15:03:06 for renewal.

Psychology board website: