South Carolina

The South Carolina Office of Educator Services recognizes the NCSP for the school psychologist credential

Practice in the private sector as a Licensed Psycho-Educational Specialist requires graduation from a NASP or APA approved program.

SEA Credential:
School Psychologist I: Requires a master's degree, completion of an advanced program approved by the State Board of Education for the preparation of school psychologists, and a passing score on the area examination required by the State Board of Education
School Psychologist II: Same requirements as SPI with a specialist degree
School Psychologist III: Same requirements as SPI and SPII with a doctoral degree
Internship Certificate issued during internship.

South Carolina also maintains a state reciprocity program to improve those transitioning to South Carolina, which includes recognition of the NCSP credential for certification purposes in South Carolina.

Continuing Education Requirements:
Must earn a minimum of 120 renewal credits every 5 years. NASP-approved CPD hours are accepted towards renewal.

Scope of Practice:

School psychologists holding the SEA credential can provide services in K-12 public schools, pre-K and early childhood settings, private and charter schools, and college and university settings. They may also provide services in some clinic settings or state agencies. School psychologists with the SEA credential may also provide contracted services in schools.

An individual holding the SEA credential may also apply as a Licensed Psycho-Educational Specialist through the SC Dept. of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation, Board of Psychologists in order to practice in the private sector. In order to do so, one must meet the following requirements:

  1. Graduate from NASP-approved or APA-approved program
  2. Have 2 years of experience as a school psychologist, with at least one of those years under the supervision of a Licensed Psycho-Educational Specialist
  3. Maintain credential as a Level II or III school psychologist
  4. Includes a passing score on the Praxis exam.

SEA Contact: Lisa McCliment, Lead School Psychologist
South Carolina Department of Education, Office of Special Education Services
(803) 734-4074

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