Accepts NCSP as a route to school based credential.

SEA Credential (Teacher Standards and Practices Commission):

Preliminary School Psychologist (valid 3 years, renewable indefinitely): Have a master's or higher degree in the behavioral sciences or their derivative therapeutic professions from a regionally accredited institution in the United States, or the foreign equivalent of such degree approved by the commission; Have completed an initial graduate program in school psychology as part of the master's degree or separately at an institution approved for psychologist education by the commission; or have obtained certification from the National Association of School Psychologists; Pass the required Protecting Student and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment exam; and, Pass a criminal background clearance, including fingerprints, if necessary.

Professional (valid 5 years, renewable indefinitely): The Professional School Psychologist License is issued to applicants who have completed an advanced program beyond the Preliminary School Psychologist License or have obtained the NCSP or hold a doctoral degree in educational, clinical, or counseling psychology. Additionally, the applicant must have obtained 5 years of half-time or more experience in school psychology.

Reciprocal (valid 18 months, non-renewable): The Reciprocal School Psychologist License is valid for regular or substitute school psychology and for substitute counseling and substitute teaching at any level. Applicants are eligible if they hold a master's degree or higher in educational or therapeutic psychology or have been a licensed school psychologist in another state. 

Continuing Education Requirements:

Preliminary: 25 hours per year of continuing professional development and no criminal activity (beyond minor traffic violation) or serious ethics violations. Renew after 3 years.

Professional: 25 hours per year of continuing professional development and no criminal activity (beyond minor traffic violation) or serious ethics violations. Renew after 5 years.

Reciprocal is not renewable and must be upgraded to a full license.

Restricted Reciprocal can be renewed for 1 year 'under extenuating circumstances.'

NASP-approved CPD hours are accepted toward renewal.

Scope of Practice:
School psychologists holding the SEA credential can provide services in K-12 public schools, pre-K and early childhood settings, private and charter schools, and college and university settings. School psychologists with the SEA credential may also provide contracted services in schools. Ore. Admin. Rule 584-070-0205 describes the Scope of School Psychology as follow: The Initial, Continuing or Transitional School Psychologist License authorizes the holder to perform the following duties: (1) Provide services that enhance academic performance; (2) Design strategies and programs to address problems of adjustment; (3) Consult with other educators and parents on issues of social development and behavioral and academic difficulties; (4) Conduct psycho-educational assessment for purposes of identifying special needs; (5) Provide psychological counseling for individuals, groups and families; and (6) Coordinate intervention strategies for management of individuals and school-wide crises.

The SEA credential does not allow practice outside of schools. The Board of Psychology Examiners licenses the private practice of psychology in the state. No person working in the schools shall use a title containing words derived from psychology, claim to be a psychologist, or render psychological services without obtaining a school psychologist license from the commission unless licensed as a psychologist or psychologist associate by the Board of Psychologist Examiners.

SEA website: http://www.tspc.state.or.us

SEA documents: https://www.oregon.gov/tspc/LIC/Documents/First License Personnel.pdf

Psychology board website: http://www.oregon.gov/OBPE/index.shtml