SEA Credential:
Temporary Pupil Services License: Master's degree in school psychology (credit hours not specified) and enrollment in an internship.

Professional School Psychologist License: Master's degree in school psychology (credit hours not specified), successful completion of a 9 month, full-time internship in an approved school setting (at least 600 hours in a school setting), and a score of 147 or higher on the Praxis School Psychologist exam or a score of 220 on the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE).

In order to obtain a license for practice of school psychology in a school setting, application must be made through the Ohio Department of Education. 

Continuing Education Requirements:
Renewal every 5 year requiring continuing professional development of 6 semester hours, or 18 CEUs (180 contact hours) if employed in a school setting.

Starting in 2025, renewal requires 50 clock hours, including 4 in ethics/multicultural competency, every five years.

Scope of Practice:
School psychologists holding the SEA credential can provide services in K-12 public schools, pre-K and early childhood settings, and private and charter schools. Roles and responsibilities are provided on Ohio's SEA website. The SEA credential does not allow practice outside of schools. However, the Ohio State Board of Psychology offers School Psychologist Licensure allowing practice outside of schools, which requires a passing score on the Praxis (147), an oral examination, three reference letters, and a minimum of a master's degree in school psychology. In addition, applicants must verify internship and 3 years of experience, at least 2 years of which must be in the employment of a board of education or a private school meeting standards of State Board of Education. Each of the 4 years must reflect 9 months of full-time work. Experience in a setting outside of employment by a school shall be supervised by a qualified licensee of this Board and verified on a Training Supervision Documentation form.

SEA website: http://www.ode.state.oh.us

SEA documents: Teacher Education and Licensure Standards (Ohio Administrative Code)

Psychology board website: http://www.psychology.ohio.gov/