North Dakota

Recognizes NCSP credential as a pathway for the SEA credential and toward renewal (effective October 1, 2023). Requires graduation from a NASP-approved/accredited program.

SEA Credential:

Initial (Restricted) License (Two-Year): Issued to first-time applicants. The prekindergarten through grade twelve school psychology restricted license will be issued to those applicants who have:

  • Obtained a specialist degree in school psychology from a national association of school psychology-accredited institution; or
  • Achieved the national certification of school psychologist certification. To qualify for the national certification of school psychologist license, the candidate must have successfully met the standards for training and field placement programs in school psychology, standards for the credentialing of school psychologist, standards for the provision of school psychological services, and principles of professional ethics. 
  • Obtained a specialist degree in school psychology with the expectation of obtaining national certification within two years
  • The board of psychologist examiners shall be given, each year, a list of names of indiviuals with a school psychologist credential

School Psychologist Intern: A school psychologist who does not have the above school psychologist requirements may qualify for an intern license. The school psychology intern license will be issued for one year, or on an annual basis until the Specialist Degree has been completed for applicants who have:

  • Obtained a master's degree in school psychology (minimum 30 credits) from a national association of school psychology-accredited institutions;
  • A recommendation of the advisor of an accredited school psychology training instruction stating the applicant is eligible for enrollment in the internship program; and
  • An outine of remaining coursework with specific dates for completion, including completion of a thesis or equivalent.

Regular (Five-Year) School Psychologist: Available only to those currently holding the initial (restricted) license. Requires a master's degree (minimum of 60 graduate hours) from a NASP accredited program, which includes a 1200 internship consisting of at least 600 hours in a school setting. Regular credential issued to those who have worked for 18 months (full-time equivalent) in the state of North Dakota. Individuals must be under contract at least 30 days of the 5-year period.

40-Day Provisional: Issued to applicants who have been offered a job and have completed the entire application process with the exception of the background investigation. A letter from the school administrator indicating desire to issue a contract without the background investigation being complete and a letter from the applicant indicating his or her criminal background history are needed by the ESPB prior to issuing this license.

*North Dakota State Law requires that all teachers who graduated after September 1, 1980 take the course in Native American and multicultural studies. North Dakota approved courses are readily available from state institutions and by correspondence. This course is required for in-state and out-of-state applicants. The course must be completed within the time period of the first 2-year license under which the educator becomes contracted in North Dakota. If this requirement is not met, the license cannot be renewed until the course is completed.

Continuing Education Requirements:
4 graduate credits every 5 years (As of July 1, 2011, ND will require 6 graduate credits every 5 years)

Scope of Practice:
School psychologists holding the SEA credential can provide services in K-12 public schools as well as pre-K and early childhood settings.The SEA credential does not allow for private practice outside the schools. To practice outside of schools, one must apply through the North Dakota Board of Psychologist Examiners.

SEA website:

School Psych Rules [PDF]

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