Accepts NCSP as a route to school based credential and satisfies renewal requirements.

SEA Credential:
Endorsement as a School Psychologist: To qualify, an individual must:

a) Complete 3 semester credits in a course of study regarding parental involvement and family engagement; AND

b) Have accomplished each of the following:

    1. Hold a graduate degree from an accredited institution;
    2. Have preparation in school psychology;
    3. Have successfully completed the areas of study listed in NAC 391.316;
    4. Have earned 60 semester hours of graduate credits in the areas of study listed in NAC 391.316 and 391.317; and
    5. Have completed practicum and a minimum 1000-hour internship in school psychology as provided in NAC 391.319; AND

(c)Hold a certificate as a nationally certified school psychologist issued by the National School Psychology Certification System of the National Association of School Psychologists; OR have completed a program approved by the Board which prepares a person to be a school psychologist.

Additionally, requirements for areas of study, practicum, and internship are described in NAC Chapter 391, Section 315 to 319.

Reciprocity (moving to Nevada): The Nevada Department of Education, Office of Educator Licensure may issue an equivalent professional non-teaching license to an applicant who holds a valid, comparable license in another state and is in good standing in that other state. Applicants may also qualify to add additional approved areas or endorsements to existing teaching licenses if they hold a valid, comparably approved area or endorsement in another state. Licenses issued reciprocally are exempt from Nevada educator exam requirements.

Provisional Endorsement as a School Psychologist: The Department will issue a non-renewable/provisional license that is valid for three years and issued to a school psychologist who has certain deficiencies in coursework, testing, or student teaching but is otherwise qualified for licensure in Nevada. The deficiencies will appear as provisions on the license, which must be satisfied prior to the expiration date in order to upgrade the license to a standard or professional license.

Continuing Education Requirements:
Renewal occurs every 6 years for a masters degree (+3 years experience), 8 years for a specialist (+3 years experience), and 10 years for a doctoral degree (+3 years experience). The initial license is non-renewable pending removal of provisions for "parental involvement and family engagement" coursework. 

Renewal requires:

      1. Earning fifteen hours of professional development per year for a total of 90 hours of professional development over the course of the license period (391.065 and 391.075)
      2. May submit the evidence of the NCSP instead of the 6 credits generally required.
      3. Professional renewal hours may be earned through a teaching/receiving a regionally accredited college class, online, or through in-service training

Scope of Practice:

School psychologists with the SEA credential can provide services in public schools (K-12), early childhood and pre-K settings, and private and charter schools.  The SEA credential does not allow for private practice outside the schools. The range of services are described in Nevada SB319, Section 4 The Board of Psychological Examiners licenses psychologists, behavior analysis, and certified autism behavior interventionists.

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