NCSP satisfies one condition of renewal requirements for the career continuous student services certificate.

SEA Credential:
The school psychologist, initial student services certificate is valid for 4 years and requires:

  1. Completion of a specialist or equivalent degree (minimum of 60 graduate semester hours) with a major emphasis in school psychology
  2. Recommendation for certification from the designated official of the university approved to train school psychologists by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
  3. Completion of a planned program of practicum experiences and a supervised internship equivalent to one academic year, or a minimum of 1,200 hours, with at least half of the internship completed in an educational setting.
  4. Passing score on the School Psychologist (5402) Exam administered by Educational Testing Service. The Passing score for Missouri is set at 147.

The school psychologist, career continuous student services certificate is offered following:

  1. 4 years of state-approved school psychologist experience
  2. Participation in 2 years of district-provided mentoring (during the first 2 years of experience, the first of which may be an internship
  3. The development, implementation and completion of a professional development plan of at least 40 contact hours of professional development, or 3 semester hours of graduate credit toward an advanced degree
  4. Successful participation in an annual performance-based evaluation

Missouri also offers a school psychological examiner, initial student services certificate, which is valid for 4 years and requires:

  1. A master's degree in counseling psychology, educational psychology, school counseling, or education with specific coursework in psychology, development, measurement, and individual assessment
  2. Completion of a course in Psychology and/or Education of the Exceptional Child 
  3. Recommendation for certification from the designated official  of an approved Psychological Examiner preparation program
  4. A minimum of 24 graduate semester hours
  5. Receive a score equal to or in excess of the qualifying score on the required exit assessment(s)
  6. A supervised internship or field experience in school psychological assessment of at least 150 hours in an appropriate school setting

An individual can earn the school psychological examiner continuous student services certificate by meeting the same requirements listed above for the school psychologist career continuous certificate.

Missouri also offers a provisional credential. One can apply for a 2-year (maximum), non-renewable provisional certificate prior to degree completion; however, the degree must be completed within 2 years in order to apply for initial certification. This is the credential interns typically obtain to complete internships in Missouri.

Continuing Education Requirements:
The initial student services certificate is valid for 4 years and is changed to a career continuous student services certificate upon completing 40 hours of professional development, an annual performance evaluation, and 2 years of mentoring. NASP approved CPD hours are accepted.

The school psychologist career continuous student services certificate remains valid under two options:

  1. Participation in a performance-based evaluation system and 20 contact hours of professional development each year.
  2. Having a professional development plan in place with the school and meeting at least 2 of the following:
    1. 10 years of state-approved school psychologist experience
    2. An education specialist degree in school psychology or a closely related field
    3. NCSP

View more information on timelines and requirements.

Scope of Practice:
School psychologists with the SEA credential can provide services in public schools (K-12) as well as early childhood and pre-K settings. The SEA credential does not allow for private practice outside the schools. To practice outside of schools, one must apply through the Committee of Psychologists of the Missouri Division of Professional Registration.

School psychological examiners tend to focus on assessments, whereas school psychologists offer a full range of services.

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