District of Columbia

SEA Credential:
School Psychologist

  • Holds a completed master's degree from an approved program in school or educational psychology or
  • Holds a completed master's degree in clinical psychology and have completed 42 graduate hours of applicable school psychology coursework. A letter grade of "C" or higher is required. View coursework details.
  • Has successfully completed at least 500 hours of supervised field, practicum, or internship experience in a school setting under the supervision of a certified school psychologist; and
  • Has achieved a passing score for the DC-required school psychologist content exam or has passed a comparable exam in another state where an active school psychologist credential is held.

Continuing Education Requirements:
To renew, applicants must submit evidence of 6 semester hours or 90 contact hours (or a combination of the two) of professional development activities completed within the 4 years prior to the date of the licensure application submission. A minimum of 3 semester hours/45 clock hours of the professional development activities must be directly related to school psychology; the remaining required 3 semester hours/45 clock hours may include any professional development activity relevant to pre-K–12 education and/or serving pre-K–12 students.  See more.

Scope of Practice:
The Department of Health in DC limits practice to public schools and early childhood settings for school psychologists with the SEA credential. Independent practice is not allowed unless the person goes through the state licensure process regulated by the Department of Health, Health Professional Licensing Administration Board of Psychology.

School Psychologists working for public-charter or private schools are not mandated by DC law to hold a license, although local education agencies may opt to require a state license for employment.

SEA website: http://osse.dc.gov/
SEA documents: https://osse.dc.gov/page/standard-school-service-provider-ssp-certification