SEA Credential:
School Psychology Specialist requires a Standard Non-Instructional Student Services License. To obtain this credential, one must meet the following requirements:

  • A completed application for licensure, with payment of the nonrefundable application fee;
  • Documentation that the applicant has successfully completed all background checks required by the Division's Rules Governing Background Checks;
  • An official score report reflecting passing scores, as approved by the State Board, on the specialty area assessment for licensure area as mandated by the State Board; 
  • Degree held from an "Accredited School Psychology program." This means a program of study for school psychology that is offered by an accredited college or university, and the program is either Nationally accredited in school psychology by the Commission on Accreditation of the American Psychological Association or Approved by the National Association of School Psychologists or Nationally accredited by an accrediting organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

For a first-time license, the applicant must provide documentation of the completion of the following professional development through the Arkansas IDEAS Portal (online training):

  • Two (2) hours of Family and Community Engagement;
  • Two (2) hours of child maltreatment training;
  • Two (2) hours of teen suicide awareness and prevention; and
  • One (1) hour of dyslexia awareness.

An applicant for an ancillary license in School Psychology shall also submit an official transcript documenting an awarded master's or higher degree that includes 60 hours of graduate level coursework in the area, from an accredited state approved college or university, in School Psychology or Psychology and documenting the applicant's successful completion of a graduate-level, accredited School Psychology program. An Ancillary License may reflect the highest earned degree awarded to the licensee in School Psychology, Psychology, or Counseling, if the degree was awarded by an accredited school psychology program.

Continuing Education Requirements:
Requires 36 contact hours every year for all holding an educator license including the School Psychology Specialist.

Scope of Practice:
School Psychology Specialists are not permitted to practice in any other arena other than the schools, and may not refer to themselves as "school psychologists". Individuals at the doctoral level may become licensed through the Arkansas Board of Psychology, at which point they may refer to themselves "school psychologists".

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SEA Contact:
Meagan Medley, PhD, NCSP

Assistant Professor, Arkansas State University

(870) 972-3164

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