Accepts NCSP as a route to school based credential (in addition to state exams) and satisfies renewal requirements for those at the Master Teacher Certificate level.

Requires graduation from a program approved by NASP or APA.

SEA Credential

  • Initial Certificate: granted for the first 2 years of employment. Applicants meeting all other requirements for certification, but who lack six (6) semester hours of credit earned during the five-year period preceding the date of application or lack three (3) semester hours of credit in Alaska studies and/or three (3) semester hours of credit in multicultural education or cross-cultural communications, may apply for a non-renewable Provisional Type C Special Services certificate, valid for two years. In order to avoid a lapse in certification, the Provisional Type C Special Services certificate holder must submit official transcripts to the Teacher Certification office showing the completion of 3 semester hours of approved Alaska studies coursework and the completion of 3 semester hours of approved Alaska multicultural coursework prior to the expiration date of the Provisional certificate. In addition, prior to the expiration date of their certificate, the Provisional certificate holders must apply for the five-year regular Type C Special Services certificate.
  • Type C Special Services Certificate: received after 3 years of employment.
  • School Psychology Master Teacher Certificate: can be obtained after receiving the initial certificate if applicant obtains the NCSP.
  • Provisional Certificate: can be issued until Alaska studies and multicultural courses are taken (see below)

For an endorsement in school psychology, you must also hold a master's or higher degree in school psychology; be recommended by an institution whose school psychology program has been approved by NASP or APA; and have completed a 1200-hour internship (with 600 of the hours in a school setting); or maintain the NCSP.School psychologists may be eligible for a Type B Special Education Administrative Certificate.

Continuing Education Requirements:

School psychologists holding a Type C Special Services certificate must have completed a minimum of 6 graduate semester hours, a minimum of 3 which must be at the upper division or graduate level), within the life of the credential being renewed. Content must be related to certificate area/endorsement. For those holding the NCSP and the Master Teacher Certificate, submitting one's NCSP is sufficient for renewal and does not require a fee, although requires submission every 3 years. 

Scope of Practice:

The SEA credential does not allow for practice in any other arena other than the schools. To practice outside of schools, one must apply through the Board of Professional Counselors or the Board of Psychologists and Psychological Associate Examiners. Psychologists must have doctorate as minimum education to obtain a license for private practice.No Applied Behavior Analysis credential exists within the state.
AK Department of Education and Early Development Teacher Certification:

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