Accepts NCSP as a route to school based credential

SEA Credential:

Professional Educator Certificate: Requires completion of a state-approved program with a minimum GPA of 3.25; a 300 hour supervised internship in a P-12 setting by an individual holding valid Alabama certification in school psychology; and a passing score on the Praxis II. Applicants must verify two full years of full-time, educational experience in a P-12 school system or hold the NCSP.

No emergency credentials are offered for school psychologists.

Continuing Education Requirements:

Professional educator certificates may be continued with verification of one of the following every 5 years:

  1. 3 full years of full-time satisfactory educational experience and 50 clock hours of professional development
  2. 3 full years of full-time satisfactory educational experience and 3 graduate semester hours
  3. 50 clock hours of professional development and 3 graduate semester hours
  4. 6 graduate semester hours

These pre-qualifications must be completed by September 1 of the expiration year.

Additionally, the following activities are are accepted if verified by the employer as allowable professional development. For certificate continuation, no more than 10 clock hours of each of the following activities may be counted as allowable professional development: a. Travel b. Journals/publications c. Auditing of courses d. Presentations e. Supervising of student interns.

Scope of Practice:

School psychologists holding the SEA credential can provide services in public schools. The SEA credential does not allow for practice in any other arena other than the schools. To practice outside of schools, one must apply through the Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology.

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Dr. Jayne A. Meyer
TeacherEducation and Certification

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