Professional Ethics

The NASP Principles for Professional Ethics (PDF) describe the proper conduct for professional school psychologists. The purpose of the Principles is to protect the public and those who receive school psychological services by sensitizing school psychologists to the ethical aspects of their work, educating them about appropriate conduct, helping them monitor their own behavior, and providing standards to be used in the resolution of complaints of unethical conduct.

Standards and Policies

Placeholder ImageThe ethical principles provide an expectation for ethical conduct and professional practice. The NASP Ethics and Professional Practices Board (EPPB) is responsible for interpreting and applying the standards for the professional conduct of NASP members and school psychologists holding the NCSP credential, yet NASP encourages all school psychologists to follow the principles.

Resolving Ethical Concerns

Placeholder ImageThe Ethics and Professional Practices Board provides a series of problem-solving steps ranging from informal resolution of concerns to formal adjudication of complaints. 

Ethical Advisory Bulletins

Teaching Professional Ethics (PDF)
Provides guidance on teaching professional ethics within graduate preparation programs

Preventing and Resisting Administrative Pressure to Practice Unethically (PDF)
Provides guidance on managing conflicts between ethical principles and requests from an administrator or supervisor

NASP Disciplinary Action

Review the public disclosure of ethical complaints or misconduct brought to the attention of the NASP Ethics and Professional Practices Board that have resulted in disciplinary action.