NCSP Audit Guidelines

NCSPs are required to maintain proper documentation of their CPD activities but are not required to submit documentation of CPD credits unless their applications are selected for an audit. Approximately 10% of renewing NCSPs are randomly selected for documentation audits and are notified in writing. They are asked to provide documentation so that NASP can verify the activities and CPD hours on the signed affidavit. This notification may be sent at any time after the individual renews his or her NCSP credential. It is recommended that applicants maintain documentation for the duration of their 3-year cycle.

An individual selected for audit has 60 calendar days from the date of the notice to submit documentation verifying that they have met all CPD requirements. The NCSP credential will be considered expired if the individual fails to respond within the 60-day time limit.

Once the documentation of credits has been received and processed, the applicant will be notified of the audit results. If it is determined that the documentation has any deficiencies, the applicant will be given 60 calendar days to correct this deficiency. Any deficiency not corrected with the 60-day period will cause the immediate expiration of the NCSP credential.

Documentation submitted for an audit will not be returned. Copies of the documentation are acceptable; please do not submit your originals.

Contact the NASP Certification department for more information.