NCSP Renewal

The Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) credential is valid for 36 months from the month the initial application or renewal is processed. The expiration date is always the last day of the month (Ex. NCSP application processed on June 5, 2024 will expire June 30, 2027).

Renewal reminders will be sent prior to expiration as a courtesy, but the responsibility for renewing in a timely fashion remains solely on the individual holding the credential. You may check your expiration date at any time in your profile. Successful renewal of the NCSP will be reflected in your profile and acknowledged by a letter from the NASP office.

Note. Renewing early will reset your future expiration (Ex. Your NCSP expires June 30, 2023, yet you renew in April 2023, your next renewal will be due in April 2026). Fees are not prorated for early renewals.

Update to CPD Category H Self-Study: Starting July 1, 2023, one may accrue all 40 hours from formal self-study opportunities, though can claim no more than 20 hours from informal self-study. (See CPD Guidelines for details).
Those renewing the NCSP will now be required to accrue 3 CPD hours in equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice (EDI) as part of the total 75 hours for NCSP renewal. This requirement will begin in July 2021, and monitoring will begin as part of the renewal process in July 2024. Find out more in the NCSP FAQs.

CPD Requirements

Those holding the NCSP credential must complete:

  • a minimum of 75 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) activities within 36 months of renewal and maintain documentation of activities (See Audit Guidelines).
  • At least 10 of the 75 CPD hours must come from a NASP-approved provider or APA-approved sponsor of continuing education. All content in NASP's Online Learning Center qualify towards this requirement.
  • At leat 3 hours of CPD regarding ethical practice and/or the legal regulation of school psychology, which may be met with any appropriate CPD activity category.
  • At least 3 hours in equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) - which goes into effect for renewals due July 1, 2024 and beyond. These credits can also be met with any appropriate CPD activity category (See CPD Guidelines).
  • Evidence of one year of professional support/mentorship [for first NCSP renewals only]. See below for more details.


NCSP renewal fees are $110 every three years for NASP members and $210 for nonmembers. NASP membership offers considerable savings along with many other professional benefits. If you join NASP at the time you renew your certification, you can save $100 on your NCSP renewal by qualifying for the reduced member renewal rates. Become a NASP member and save! NASP members also save on late fees. Late fees for renewal are assessed one calendar month after the NCSP credential expires. To avoid being assessed late fees, make sure your renewal request is completed online or postmarked on or before the last day of the month after your current NCSP expiration date.

NCSP Renewal Late Fees

# of Months Since ExpiredMemberNonmember
>1 and ≤ 6 $18 $35
>6 and ≤ 12 $37 $70
>12 and ≤ 18 $55 $105
>18 and ≤ 24 $73 $140
>24 and ≤ 30 $92 $175
>30 and ≤ 36 $110 $210

Professional Support Requirement for First Renewal 

For the first renewal of the NCSP credential for all new NCSPs, there should be evidence of having successfully completed a minimum of 1 academic year of professional support from a mentor or supervisor. For professional practice within a school setting, supervision or mentoring shall be provided by a credentialed school psychologist with a minimum of three years of experience. For any portion of the experience that is accumulated in a nonschool setting, supervision or mentoring shall be provided by a psychologist appropriately credentialed for practice in that setting. Supervision and/or mentoring conducted either individually or within a group for a minimum average of 1 hour per week is recommended. This requirement must be met for the first renewal cycle only. See NCSP FAQs for more details.

Those seeking to participate in professional support relationships may benefit from participating in NASP's Mentorship program and reviewing Guidance for Postgraduate Mentorship and Professional Support, which offers suggestions for establishing effective professional mentorships. All school psychologists are encouraged to participate in professional mentoring, regardless of career stage or professional credentials. None of the guidance provided in this document should be construed as requirements toward the renewal of the NCSP.

Note. Candidates for renewal may use the Professional Support Verification Form (PDF) to document this requirement.

Renewal More Than Three Years After Expiration

An individual who fails to renew the NCSP credential beyond three years of the expiration date (i.e., at least 6 years from most recent submission) must reapply for the NCSP under the current standards at the time of reapplication. Note that ETS has set an expiration date of 10 years for the Praxis School Psychologist Exam.

Renew Your NCSP

Renew your NCSP using our online renewal process.

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