Apply for NCSP Certification

To qualify for national certification, a school psychologist must meet NASP's established credentialing standards. Graduates of NASP-approved graduate programs benefit from a streamlined application process. Applicants will complete the appropriate application (NASP-Approved or Non-NASP-Approved) based on the NASP-approved status of their programs at the time of graduation. Individuals who successfully meet NASP's Standards for the Credentialing of School Psychologists may identify themselves as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist or NCSP.

Note. Effective January 1, 2016, individuals applying for the NCSP credential as a graduate of a NASP-approved program must submit their applications within 10 years of completing the program. Applicants who completed a program more than 10 years ago, regardless of the status of their programs at the time, must apply as graduates of a program without NASP approval.