Apply for the NCSP

Individuals who successfully meet NASP's Standards for the Credentialing of School Psychologists may identify themselves as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist or NCSP. Any individual who uses this designation or represents himself or herself as an NCSP without having fulfilled the requirements of this certification process is deemed to be in violation of the NASP Principles for Professional Ethics and may be denied the right to future certification or may be subject to legal action.

Applicants will complete the appropriate application based on the NASP-approved status of their program at the time of graduation. 

Graduates of NASP-Approved School Psychology Programs

In order to apply for the NCSP, graduates of NASP-Approved programs must ensure that they meet all of the NCSP eligiblity requirements and that all of the following information is submitted directly to the NASP office:

  • Application form (PDF)
  • Payment form (PDF) and certification application fee 
  • Verification of Completion of School Psychology Program (PDF) form-must be signed by program director
  • Internship Verification Form (PDF) must be signed by field-based and university-based supervisor 
  • School Psychologist Praxis Examination score report, which must be sent to NASP directly from ETS
  • Official transcript of all graduate study. If issued to student must remain in sealed envelope. Transcripts may be sent either through U.S. mail or electronically directly from the institution to
  • If the transcript does not specifically identify the graduate degree major/program as “school psychology,” the applicant must submit institutional documentation that defines it as a school psychology program (e.g., a program description from the university course catalog)

Download this application checklist (PDF) to keep track of your application materials.

Note that, as of January 1, 2016, individuals applying for the NCSP credential as a graduate of a NASP-approved program must submit their applications within 10 years of completing the program. After 10 years, those individuals must apply as a graduate of a non-NASP-approved program.

Applications from graduates of NASP-approved programs are accepted on a rolling basis and typically take about 4 weeks to process. Processing of applications may take up to 8 weeks during the summer due to the volume of applications. You may check the status of your application at any time in My Account.

NCSP Applicants From Programs Receiving NASP Approval Subsequent to Graduation

Individuals completing a school psychology program that received NASP approval no more than 1 calendar year after program completion must submit a letter from the program coordinator/director that attests to the equivalency between the program from which the applicant graduated and the program subsequently approved by NASP. This letter must specifically address (a) changes implemented in the program between the date the applicant completed the program and the date of NASP approval, (b) whether the applicant completed additional studies to address those changes, and (c) the equivalency of the individual's coursework, practica, internship and evaluation with those of students completing the approval program. This letter should accompany the other application materials.


The nonrefundable application fee is payable to NASP. If a nonmember of NASP becomes a NASP member when submitting the application, then the NASP member fee will apply.

  • Student/Early Career 1st Year/Leave of Absence Member: $60
  • Early Career 2nd Year Member: $85
  • NASP Member: $110
  • Nonmember: $210 

For Your First NCSP Renewal Period (effective January, 2016)

During the first renewal period of the NCSP credential for all new NCSPs obtaining the credential after January 1, 2016, there should be evidence of having successfully completed a minimum of 1 academic year of professional support from a mentor or supervisor. For professional practice within a school setting, supervision or mentoring shall be provided by a credentialed school psychologist with a minimum of three years of experience. For any portion of the experience that is accumulated in a nonschool setting, supervision or mentoring shall be provided by a psychologist appropriately credentialed for practice in that setting. Supervision and/or mentoring conducted either individually or within a group for a minimum average of 1 hour per week is recommended. See NCSP FAQs for more information.

This does not apply to any individuals who applied for the NCSP on or prior to December 31, 2015. Additionally, this requirement must be met for the first renewal cycle only.

Candidates for renewal may use this form to document this requirement.

Graduates of Non-NASP-Approved School Psychology Programs

All applicants must apply online.  To be considered, completed applications including official transcripts and Praxis score reports must be received by:

  • Summer Review: May 1
  • Winter Review: November 1

Once a decision has been made regarding your application, you will receive a written letter from the NASP office that includes the feedback from reviewers. The review process takes approximately 3 to 4 months.

Applicants may download and print an application guide to help plan for the completion of the online application, including fees and required forms. Note that all applications must be submitted using the online portal; paper submissions will not be accepted.


Applicants are allowed two submissions per each nonrefundable fee payment. If deficiencies still exist after the second review, the candidate will have to reapply by resubmitting the nonrefundable fee along with submission of those portions of the portfolio deemed deficient.

  • Students, 1st Year Members, and Leave of Absence Members: $160
  • Early Career 2nd year members: $210
  • Other NASP Members: $260
  • Nonmembers: $360

Appeals Process

An applicant from a non-NASP-approved program whose application was denied may file an appeal. Please contact Eric Rossen, Director of Professional Development and Standards if you have questions about the appeals process.

Why Become an NCSP?

For the first time since its inception in 1989, more than 15,000 individuals hold an active Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) credential. Download this infographic to learn more about the benefits of holding this esteemed credential.

NCSP Application Forms

The following forms are required for graduates of NASP-Approved programs to apply for the NCSP credential:

Application (PDF)

Program Completion (PDF)

Internship (PDF)

Payment (PDF)