NASP Standards Revision Process


The NASP Delegate Assembly (now known as the NASP Leadership Assembly) adopted the 2010 standards in Chicago on March 6, 2010. The NASP 2010 standards are a unified set of national principles that guide professional practices, credentialing, graduate education, and ethical behavior of effective school psychologists. These major NASP policy documents are intended to define contemporary school psychology; promote comprehensive and integrated services for children, families, and schools; and provide a foundation for the future of school psychology. They include:  

*The National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), now Council for Accreditation for Education Programs (CAEP), adopted the NASP Standards for Graduate Education on November 9, 2011.  


NASP began the standards revision process in 2016, with an expected date of final approval in 2020. The Standards revision process is being led by a representative team of NASP staff and leaders from across the country. Each standard has its own revision team (see below) that works collaboratively with other standards teams, along with a secondary team of reviewers to provide in-depth feedback. NASP members had the opportunity to apply to participate on review teams from March through June, 2017. Additionally, an initial round of targeted surveys has been collected from small samples of both internal and external stakeholders (e.g., college deans, department of education staff, school principals).   When completed these standards will significantly impact the graduate preparation, credentialing, and practice of school psychologists. 

Please direct any questions to Dr. Eric Rossen, NASP Director of Professional Development and Standards.

Standards Revision Team Members

Name State Writing Team
Model for Comprehensive and Integrated School Psychological Services (the NASP Practice Model)
Andrea Clyne CO Practice Model, Team Leader
Shawna Rader Kelly MT Practice Model, Strategic Liaison
Kari Oyen SD Practice Model
Lisa Lipscomb SC Practice Model
Melissa Pearrow MA Practice Model
Brian McKevitt NE Practice Model
David Wheeler FL Practice Model
Standards for the Graduate Preparation of School Psychologists
Natalie Politikos CT Graduate Education, Team Leader
Leah Nellis IN Graduate Education, Team Leader
Katherine Wickstrom LA Graduate Education
Pam Fenning IL Graduate Education
Susan Ruby WA Graduate Education
Principles for Professional Ethics
Laurie Klose TX Ethics, Team Leader
Susan Jacob MI Ethics
Barbara Williams NJ Ethics
Dana Boccio NY Ethics
John Garruto NY Ethics
Standards for the Credentialing of School Psychologists
Nikki Sutton FL Credentialing, Team Leader
Alisa York IL Credentialing
Rhonda Armistead NC Credentialing
Standards Revision Task Force Leaders
Lori Unruh NC Strategic Liaison
NASP Staff Liaisons
Eric Rossen MD Director, Professional Development and Standards
Anastasia Skalski MD Director, Professional Policy and Practice