Reflection Questions on Advocacy Steps for Promoting the Practice Model

These questions can help you reflect upon the current landscape for advocacy and your priorities moving forward.

  1. Who knows what you are trained to do, how you could be providing support to students and schools, and why these services are integral to student success?
  2. What professional development training (e.g., GW/NASP Public Policy Institute) have you participated in that would build your professional advocacy skills?
  3. What people with influence (e.g., superintendent, principal, school board member, PTA president, lead teachers) have you gotten to know and asked how you can help them with the work that they are doing to support school improvement and student success?
  4. How have you responded to legislative alerts and other requests for advocacy from your state professional organization or NASP?
  5. What policies could you advocate for at the local and state levels that would help school psychologists move to the broad-based role articulated in the NASP Practice Model?
  6. How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your advocacy plan?