Advocacy Steps for Promoting the NASP Practice Model

NASP created a Policy Playbook designed to help state associations engage in advocacy around any issue. Users of this guide are encouraged to review the contents of the Policy Playbook for helpful suggestions for systems level promotion of the NASP Practice Model.

This section of the NASP Practice Model Implementation Guide is geared more towards an individual's advocacy at the building or district level. The eight advocacy steps below provide a broad landscape for evaluating advocacy needs and planning advocacy actions and should be considered as suggestions rather than a recipe for advocacy. Think creatively, broadly, and collaboratively with others in your school or district about how the materials in this section may be adapted for use in your individual setting.

Step 1: Examine the landscape for school reform in your building and district and consider the impact the NASP Practice Model could potentially have on you and your students.
Step 2: Assess your capacity to advocate for the NASP Practice Model.
Step 3: Assess your practices and the climate for advocacy for the NASP Practice Model in your building and district.
Step 4: Assess then overcome common barriers to advocacy.
Step 5: Assess the existing policies that guide school psychologists in your building or district.
Step 6: Develop an action plan.
Step 7: Identify and advocate with influential decision makers for the adoption of the NASP Practice Model.
Step 8: Utilize NASP Resources for Promoting the NASP Practice Model.