Section V: Advocacy Steps for Promoting the NASP Practice Model

This section of the guide lays out steps for school psychologists to take towards implementing the NASP Practice Model in their district.

In This Section:

Key Ideas:

  • There are specific strategies that you can use to advocate for role alignment with the NASP Practice Model, which can be tailored specifically for different stakeholder groups.
  • You are responsible for educating others about your comprehensive knowledge and skills and how you can contribute to school and student success.
  • Advocacy for adoption of the NASP Practice Model can help your school(s) better utilize your skills and expertise and improve access to needed mental and behavioral health services.

Learning Objectives

After reading this section, you will be able to:

  1. Articulate how implementation of the NASP Practice Model enables schools to make best use of school psychologist’s skills and expertise and improves all students’ access to services.
  2. Articulate your role by advocating for the NASP Practice Model as an organizing framework.
  3. Identify skills and tools to help you advocate and communicate effectively.
  4. Identify strategic/tactical steps/stages for advocacy based on the context of your building/district/state.
  5. Identify a multipronged approach to advocacy (different audiences and strategies).