Reflection Questions on Evaluating School Psychological Services

These questions can help you identify current opportunities to align your district's personnel and program evaluations practice with the NASP practice Model.

  1. How do my school district’s existing evaluation processes align with the Framework for the Personnel Evaluation of School Psychologists (NASP, 2020)?
  2. How does my district's job description for school psychologists compare to the Sample Job Description for School Psychologists?
  3. What would be the practical implications of aligning our district's job description with the NASP Practice Model? 
  4. What data are collected annually by individual practitioners, school building leaders, and district officials that reflect the effectiveness of school psychological services?
  5. How are school psychologists involved in the district-level school accountability and improvement teams? Where could school psychologists contribute more, and what decision makers need to be engaged to make that happen?
  6. What district-level materials (e.g., promotional, website, formal policy) articulate the goals and available services offered as part of the school psychological program? What program effectiveness data are provided to the public for review? How accessible are these data?