Reflection Questions on Organizational Management

As you begin to asses the current organizational context of service delivery in your district, these questions can help you identify the current needs, barriers, and assets with direct impact on your efforts.

  1. How does your district currently organize service delivery?
  2. What services are being delivered by school psychologists?
  3. What services are missing?
  4. What are the primary barriers that impede your ability to fully embrace the NASP Practice Model?
  5. What policies, practices, or traditions keep these barriers in place?
  6. What resources, professional development, or professional supports do you need to do to overcome these barriers?
  7. What are the current policy and practice assets and resources of your district that could support the implementation of the model?
  8. Who are the people with influence in the district who can be educated about the benefits of the NASP Practice Model and help lead the district's transition to the model? How can you develop the relationships with these influencers to help facilitate the adoption and implementation of the NASP Practice Model?
  9. What contributions will you make to help facilitate the desired change?