Applying for ESPS Recognition

The submission deadline for the ESPS program is September 30 each year. The current submission process is being updated and will hopefully be available by April, 2024. In the meantime, please review the scoring matrix and rubrics, which will not change, to begin planning for your submission. The requirements are comprehensive and will likely require significant time and participation from at least two or more individuals.

Application fees are set on a sliding scale based on district size. Fees are due at the time of submission.

Application Fees

Fees are structured on a sliding scale, and will enable districts of all sizes to participate according to their fiscal capacity.

Size of district (student enrollment)Application Fee
0–2,000 $ 50
2,001–10,000 $100
10,001–50,000 $250
50,001–100,000 $400
100,001–200,000 $550
> 200,000 $700



Submissions will require different forms of documentation to demonstrate how the district meets each principle, ranging from copies of district policies, data, district websites, or even photographs. A full rubric provides the expectations and examples of the types of documentation that may help meet a specific principle, as well as the methods used to evaluate the submitted evidence.

After the submission deadline, an ESPS team will review the submissions and provide comprehensive feedback outlining strengths and areas for improvement, as well as the recognition level achieved (Emerging, Promising, Proficient or Exemplary), in late Fall or early Winter.

Note: It is possible the district will receive a No Recognition designation based on their initial submission. This is an indication that the submission failed to show any significant alignment with the NASP Practice Model and the 6 Organizational Principles and/or the submission failed to the meet minimum standards outlined in the rubric and the application process. The goal is that the feedback and guidance will enable districts to make changes in district practices and reapply the following year.


Districts may hold a recognition level for up to 5 years before it expires. They may reapply any year within the 5 years to achieve a higher recognition level. 

Request an Application

Once we've had a chance to look at your responses a member from our team will reach out with application materials.


"This program provided the opportunity to highlight the work and progress school psychologists have made in our district."

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