Trainings for Program Submissions and Reviewers (2010 Standards)

The NASP Program Accreditation Board has created training materials for program reviewers and programs submitting for review. Program reviewers conducting reviews can find videos outlining the review process and providing helpful tips on how to conduct efficient reviews. Forms, templates, and rubrics can also be found. Programs submitting for review also have access to helpful training materials that aim to provide an overview of the submission process and offer tips for submission preparation. 

Note. The information and trainings are based on the 2010 standards, which remain the basis for program review until September, 2022. Trainings based on the 2020 standards are now available.


Program Submission

Programs preparing for review can access training resources (videos, blank rubrics, and forms) for use as they are preparing to go through the process.

1. Training Module for Program Submission (Video)
Provides an overview of the program submission process

2. Submitting Data (Video)
Provides tips for submitting data


Program Reviewers

Program Reviewers can access training resources (videos, blank rubrics, and forms) for use during the review process. We encourage reviewers to refresh their skills regularly.

1. Introduction to Review Process (Video)
Provides an introduction to the review process
Handout (PDF)

2. Standard I Review (Video)
Offers a review of Standard I
Handout (PDF)

3. Standards II-VII Review (Video)
Offers a review of Standards II through VII
Handout (PDF)

4. Reviewing Assessments Part I (Video)
Offers a review of assessments

5. Reviewing Assessments Part II (Video)
Offers a review of assessment

6. Standards IX-X Review (Video)
Offers a review of Standards IX through X
Handout (PDF)

Additional Materials