Approved Programs

The following school psychology programs have been approved/nationally recognized by the National Association of School Psychologists. The following key should be used in examining this list.

View a list of all known school psychology programs and detailed information about each program, regardless of program approval/accredition.

Key: Program Level, SL=Specialist Level and DL=Doctoral Level. The NASP approval/national recognition status of the program (full or with conditions) is also listed, followed by the initial year of approval.


University of Alabama
SL-Full, 1989 DL-Full, 1989


Northern Arizona University
SL-Full, 1991

University of Arizona
SL-Full, 2017; DL-Full, 1991


University of Central Arkansas
SL-Full, 1994; DL- Full 2006


University of Colorado, Denver
DL-Full, 2018

University of Denver
SL-Full, 2007; DL-Full, 2014

University of Northern Colorado
SL-Full (NASP Accredited); DL-Full, 1990


University of Delaware
SL-Full, 1994

District of Columbia

Gallaudet University
SL-Full, 1991


Barry University
SL-Full, 2001

Florida International University
SL-Full, 2015

Nova Southeastern University
SL-Full, 2011; DL-Full, 2015

University of Central Florida
SL-Full, 1989

University of Florida
SL-Full, 1989; DL-Full, 1989

University of South Florida
SL-Full, 1988; DL-Full, 1988


Idaho State University
SL-Full, 2008


Ball State University
SL-Full, 1991; DL-Full, 1991

Indiana State University
SL-Full, 1996; DL-Full, 1991

Indiana University-Bloomington
SL-Full, 1993; DL-Full, 1994

Valparaiso University
SL-Full, 2011


University of Iowa
DL-With Conditions, 1992

University of Northern Iowa
SL-Full, 1995


University of Kansas
SL-Full, 1994; DL-Full, 1999 

Wichita State University
SL-Full, 1996 


Murray State University
SL-Full, 2022

University of Kentucky
SL-Full, 1989; DL-Full, 1989 

Western Kentucky University
SL-Full, 1993 


Bowie State University
SL-Full, 2012 

Towson University
SL-Full, 2001 

University of Maryland-College Park
SL- Full, 1988; DL-Full, 1988


William James College
SL-Full (NASP Accredited); DL-Full, 2017 

Northeastern University
DL-Full, 2014 

Tufts University
SL-Full, 1994 

University of Massachusetts-Amherst
SL-With Conditions, 2017

University of Massachusetts-Boston
SL-Full, 1991; DL-Full

Worcester State University
SL-Full, 2012


Andrews University
SL-Full, 2003

Central Michigan University
SL-Full, 1990; DL-Full, 1996

Grand Valley State University
SL-Full, 2018

Michigan State University
SL-Full, 2007; DL-Full, 1992

Wayne State University
SL- Full, 2006


Minnesota State University-Mankato
DL-Full, 2015

Minnesota State University-Moorhead
SL-Full, 1988 

University of Minnesota
SL-Full, 1992; DL-Full, 1992 


Mississippi State University
SL-Full, 1992; DL-Full, 1992 

University of Southern Mississippi
DL-Full, 1989 


University of Montana
SL-Full, 1994 ; DL-Full, 2016


University of Nebraska-Kearney
SL-Full, 1994

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
SL-Full, 1990; DL-Full, 1990 

University of Nebraska-Omaha
SL-Full, 1995 

New Hampshire
New Jersey

Fairleigh Dickinson University
SL-Full, 2012 

Georgian Court
SL-Full, 2010 

Kean University
SL-Full, 1999; DL-Full, 2017 

Montclair State University
SL-Full, 2020

New Jersey City University
SL-Full, 2006 

Rider University
SL-Full, 2007 

Rowan University
SL-Full, 1994 

Rutgers University
DL-Full, 2008 

New Mexico
New York

Adelphi University
SL-Full, 2013 

Brooklyn College
SL-Full, 2006

Columbia University, Teachers College
SL-Full (NASP Accredited); DL-Full, 2002 

Fordham University-Lincoln Center
SL-Full, 1988; DL-Full, 1989 

Hofstra University
DL-Full, 1989 

Iona College
SL-With Conditions, 2008 

Marist College
SL-Full, 2015 

Mercy College
SL-Full, 2014 

Niagara University
SL-Full, 2014 

Pace University
DL-Full, 1999 

Queens College-CUNY
SL-Full, 1995 

Roberts Wesleyan College
SL-Full, 2009

State University of New York-Oswego
SL-Full, 2001

Syracuse University
DL-With Conditions, 2011 

Yeshiva University
DL-Full, 1995

North Carolina
North Dakota

Minot State University
SL-Full, 1998 


Cleveland State University
SL-Full, 1994 

John Carroll University
SL-Full, 1994  

Kent State University
SL-Full, 1991; DL-Full, 1990 

Miami University
SL-Full, 1990 

Ohio State University
SL-Full, 1991; DL-Full, 2014 

University of Cincinnati
SL-Full, 1991; DL-Full, 1991

University of Dayton
SL-Full, 1992

University of Toledo
SL-Full, 2006 

Youngstown State University
SL-Full, 2018


Lewis & Clark College
SL-Full, 2001 

University of Oregon
SL-Full (NASP Accredited); DL-Full, 1992


California University of Pennsylvania
SL-Full, 2006 

Duquesne University
SL-Full, 2001; DL-Full, 2008 

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
SL-Full, 2006 

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
SL-Full, 1991; DL-Full, 1995 

Lehigh University
SL-Full, 1988; DL-Full, 1991 

Millersville University of Pennsylvania
SL-Full, 1990 

Pennsylvania State University
DL-Full, 1991 

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
SL-Full (NASP Accredited), DL-Full, 2007 

Temple University
SL-Full, 2000; DL-Full, 1987

Rhode Island

Rhode Island College
SL-Full, 2003 

University of Rhode Island
Inactive status - not admitting students

South Carolina

The Citadel
SL-Full, 2000 

Francis Marion University
SL-Full, 2001 

University of South Carolina
DL-Full, 1990

Winthrop University
SL-Full, 1988 

South Dakota

University of South Dakota
SL-Full, 2000; DL-Full, 2000 


Abilene Christian University
SL-Full, 2003

Sam Houston State University
SL-Full, 2001 

Stephen F. Austin State University
SL-Full, 2006 

Texas A&M University
DL-Full, 1991

Texas State University- San Marcos
SL-Full, 1995 

Texas Woman's University
SL-(Conditional NASP Accreditation); DL-Full, 1994 

Trinity University
SL-Full, 1996 

University of Houston-Clear Lake
SL-Full, 1989

University of Houston
DL- Full 2014 

University of Texas-Austin
DL-Full, 1993


Brigham Young University
SL-Full, 2008 

University of Utah
SL-Full, 2014; DL-Full, 1993 

Utah State University
SL-Full, 1995


College of William and Mary
SL-Full, 1991 

George Mason University
SL-Full, 1987 

James Madison University
SL-Full, 1991

Radford University
SL-Full, 1999 

University of Virginia
DL (Ph.D. only)-Full, 2007 


Central Washington University
SL-Full, 1999

Seattle University
SL-Full, 1998 

University of Washington
SL-Full, 1998; DL-Full, 1995 

West Virginia

Marshall University
SL-Full, 2006 


NASP Accredited Programs

Review of a list of programs that maintain NASP Accreditation (programs not in CAEP accredited units).