Full Program Review for NASP Accreditation

For programs that have been previously NASP accredited and new programs that have been declared as candidates for full NASP reviews, materials for full review are submitted electronically through the NASP electronic review system created collaboratively with r-Campus.

Deadlines for submission are March 15th and September 15th.   During the review process, teams of two or three trained, volunteer professionals review each submission using rubrics established for each standard and for required assessments and submit individual reports to the NASP Program Accreditation Board. Standards are judged as having been Met or Not Met.  Elements (or subparts) of standards are judged as being AcceptableMarginally Acceptable, or Not Acceptable.   The Board then reviews these reports, examines program materials as necessary to resolve inconsistencies and differences in reports, and makes a decision regarding the program's readiness for a site visit.There are two possible outcomes:

  1. A report that concludes that most standards or all standards do appear to be met based on submitted evidence and advises that a site visit be scheduled during the following review cycle (e.g., the spring for reviews conducted in the fall, or fall for reviews conducted in the spring), or
  2. A report that specifies that key standards are not met based on submitted evidence and therefore a site visit is not warranted at the present time. In the event that eligibility for the site visit is not met, the program will have one opportunity to resubmit. If this attempt is unsuccessful, the program would no longer be approved and would need to begin the process by applying for Candidacy.

Accreditation Process

Accreditation Flow Chart