Candidacy Status

Programs not holding current NASP accreditation must apply to the NASP Program Accreditation Board (PAB) for "candidacy" status prior to submitting a full application. Candidacy status allows the program to receive feedback on program structure, faculty, curriculum, field experience requirements, assessments, and resources prior to gathering the types of candidate outcome data required for full NASP accreditation. During the time that programs hold candidacy status, faculty and program administrators are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities for professional development related to program review offered by NASP. It is hoped and expected that the candidacy review and subsequent period of development will increase the likelihood of ultimate program success in seeking NASP accreditation. 

Applying for Candidacy Status

Programs interested in submitting an application for candidacy should contact the Chair of the NASP PAB in order to receive instructions and gain access to the NASP electronic program submission system. The application will consist of the same application components and process as that required for full review, except that no candidate assessment data will be required. Specifically, the application should include the following:

  • Background information, including description of program administration, location within university, program mission and goals, and other information relevant to understanding the program and those served.
  • Summary of program faculty (based on the definition contained in the NASP Standards for the Graduate Preparation of School Psychologists) and roles/courses taught or anticipated.   
  • Current or projected student enrollment. If no students are currently enrolled, a brief description of anticipated recruitment strategies, including strategies to recruit minority candidates. 
  • Information on program structure, including degrees granted or anticipated being offered, total credit hours required, total internship hours, and similar information needed to address elements of NASP Standard 1.   
  • Required coursework, aligned with the domains in the current NASP Standards for the Graduate Preparation of School Psychologists (NASP Standard 2).   
  • Required field experiences and requirements, including current or anticipated activities, locations, and supervisor credentials needed to address NASP Standard 3.   
  • Key assessments (aligned with NASP standards) and corresponding criteria and rubrics needed to address NASP required assessments 1-6. (Submission of data is not required for candidacy)   
  • Brief discussion of the planned process and structure for using assessment data for program evaluation and improvement.   
  • Information on program resources needed to address NASP Standard 4. 

Program candidacy will be granted for a period of four years for specialist level programs and five years for doctoral programs. If a full accreditation submission is not received from a program within the specified period beginning when the program was first notified of candidacy status, another candidacy application will be required prior to any subsequent accreditation application.

Accreditation Process

Accreditation Flow Chart