Alternative Reaccreditation Review and Abbreviated Review of APA-Accredited Programs

Abbreviated Review of APA-Accredited Programs

NASP will accept APA-Accreditation in lieu of the submission of a doctoral program folio to the NASP Program Accreditation Board, contingent on the submission of documentation regarding program compliance with NASP internship standards.

To obtain NASP-Approval, the program director of an APA-Accredited doctoral program must:

  1. Officially request in writing that the APA-Accredited school psychology program be awarded NASP-Approval. The request should specify the timeframe for which APA-Accreditation has been awarded.
  2. The request should include copies of program policy documents showing internship requirements consistent with NASP standards. In particular, programs must provide evidence that at least 600 hours of a minimum 1500 hour internship are completed in a school setting. The possibility of a program waiver of the school-based requirement based on equivalent prior experience (e.g., a supervised specialist-level internship) should be clarified through official program policy (see Policy on Credit for Prior Internships below).
  3. The request should include one copy each of the latest APA site visit team report, follow-up correspondence from the program to APA (if any), and the official decision letter from the APA Committee on Accreditation. All correspondence and supporting documentation should be submitted electronically to Dr. Natalie Politikos, Chair of the Program Accreditation Board; and to Eric Rossen, NASP Director of Professional Development and Standards. The above items must be submitted each time the program is reviewed and reaccredited by APA. Any change in the program's APA-Accreditation status must be communicated in writing immediately to the Chair of the Program Accreditation Board.

Alternative Reaccreditation Review

NASP's Program Accreditation Board offers an Alternative Reaccreditation Review (ARR) for programs that hold full NASP accreditation, have undergone two consecutive prior NASP reviews that resulted in full accreditation, and meet a few additional requirements. The ARR process offers programs an opportunity to help design a project that focuses on self-improvement and innovation as part of the accreditation process. More information can be found in Section 11 of the Policies and Procedures.