Accredited Programs

Review of a list of programs that maintain NASP Accreditation (programs not in CAEP accredited units). 

SL: Specialist-level  DL: Doctoral-level

Accredited Programs

The following programs have satisfactorily met all NASP Standards for Graduate Preparation in School Psychology

Arkansas State University (SL-Full)
California State University - East Bay (SL-Full)
California State University – Monterey Bay (SL-Full)
Chapman University (SL-Full)
San Diego State University
University of the Pacific (SL-Full)
University of Northern Colorado (SL-Full)
University of Delaware (DL-Full)
Florida State University (SL-Full)
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (SL-Full)
Western Illinois University (SL-Full)
Northeastern University  (SL-Full)
University of Massachusetts - Amherst (SL-Full & DL-Full)
William James College (SL-Full)
University of Detroit-Mercy (SL-Full)
University of Missouri - St. Louis (SL-Full)
New York
Alfred University (SL-Full)
The College of Saint Rose (SL-Full)
Columbia University (SL-Full)
Iona University (SL-Full)
Rochester Institute of Technology (SL-Full)
St. John's University (SL-Full & DL-Full)
SUNY Albany (SL-Full)
SUNY Buffalo (SL-Full)
SUNY Plattsburg (SL-Full)
University of Oregon (SL-Full)
Eastern University (SL-Full)
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) (SL-Full)
Rhode Island
Rhode Island College (SL-Full)
Baylor University (SL-Full)
Texas Woman's University (SL-Full)
University of Houston-Victoria (SL-Full)
University of Texas - San Antonio (SL-Full)
University of Utah (SL-Full & DL-Full)
Eastern Washington University (SL-Full)
Gonzaga University (SL-Full)
University of Washington - Seattle (SL-Full)
Alverno College (SL-Full)
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (SL-Full)
University of Wisconsin - River Falls (SL-Full)
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater (SL-Full)

Conditional Accreditation

These programs are required to submit a Response to Conditions Report addressing  Standards/Elements that were judged as Not Met, Not Acceptable, or Marginal. Click on each standard for more details. Please contact each program directly with additional questions regarding unmet standards and plans to address them.

Texas A&M University-Commerce  (SL)
Standards Not Met: Standard 1, Standard 1.C.1, Standard 1.C.3
Wisconsin University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (SL)
Standards Not Met: Standard 2.2, Standard 2.3, Standard 2.4, Standard 2.5, Standard 2.6, Standard 2.9, Standard 2.10, Standard 3.6

Programs Approved for a Site Visit

The following programs have undergone a program review and have been approved for a site visit as the next step toward obtaining program accreditation.


Calfornia State University - Chico (SL)

California State University - Long Beach (SL)

California State University - Northridge (SL)


University of Central Florida (SL)

Maryland University of Maryland College Park (SL)
New York

Fordham University (SL)

Roberts Wesleyan University (SL)

Pennsylvania Lehigh University (SL)

Abilene Christian University (SL)


Central Washington University (SL)

Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison (SL)

Programs In Candidacy Status

The following programs have demonstrated program infrastructure consistent with the NASP Standards for Graduate Preparation of School Psychologists. Programs with Candidacy Status have not submitted candidate outcome data nor had a site visit.  

Georgia Georgia State University (SL)
Puerto Rico Albizu Univesity (SL)

West Texas A&M University (SL)

University of Texas-Austin (SL)


University of Washington-Tacoma (SL)

NASP Approved Programs

Review of a list of programs that maintain NASP Approval/National Recognition through the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). These programs receive many of the same credentialing benefits as programs with NASP Accreditation.