Accreditation Site Visit

The purpose of the site visit is to a) clarify information contained in the program's written submission; b) validate data contained in the program's written submission; and c) obtain information about program quality from key constituencies that is not readily available through written or virtual means. 

NASP has designed a site visit process that professionals most familiar with program materials and, to the maximum extent possible, is efficient and cost-effective for programs and NASP as possible. The NASP site visit process involves two professionals familiar with the written submission and Board report, visiting the campus and interviewing key program stakeholders. Once a program has been determined to be "site visit ready," the names and contact information of the site visitors are shared with the program. Typically, a more experienced reviewer, serving as the chair of the site visit team, and one of the other reviewers conduct the site visit at a mutually agreeable time during the university semester/quarter.

The site visit should take place the cycle following the program's submission (for example, if a program submits for review on September 15th, the site visit would occur between March 15th -April 15th of the following cycle).    It is up to the program to schedule and make travel arrangements for the visit at its own expense. Site visitors should expect to follow the travel and lodging reimbursement policies of the institution they are visiting.  

Accreditation Process

Accreditation Flow Chart