NASP-Approved Programs

Since 1988, NASP has been pleased to provide a national review and approval service for graduate programs in school psychology. NASP program approval/national recognition is an important indicator of quality graduate education in school psychology, comprehensive content, and extensive and properly supervised field experiences and internships, as judged by trained national reviewers. In addition, programs obtaining NASP approval allows for a streamlined process for program graduates to obtain the Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) credential. Thus, NASP approval/national recognition confers multiple advantages to programs, program graduates, the profession of school psychology, and, most importantly, to the children, families, and schools that we serve.

Specialist level (60+ graduate credits) and doctoral level programs in school psychology are reviewed and approved by NASP by providing evidence of consistency with the NASP Standards for Graduate Preparation of School Psychologists. The NASP standards provide the foundation for program review and approval.   NASP is one of the specialized professional associations (SPAs) of the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), previously the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and conducts program reviews as a part of the CAEP unit accreditation process. CAEP accredits units (e.g., Schools of Education), not programs, but does provide "national recognition" status (full or with conditions) to NASP-approved programs in CAEP-accredited units. NASP also conducts reviews of school psychology programs that are not in CAEP units and that submit materials for review by NASP on a voluntary basis.

There are three types of decisions that result from NASP review of school psychology programs:

  • NASP approval/national recognition-full indicates the NASP review process found that a school psychology program demonstrated consistency with NASP standards. The period of NASP approval/national recognition-full for a program is 5 or 7 years, which includes any period of conditional approval leading up to full recognition status. Programs housed in CAEP accredited units are aligned with CAEP's 7-year approval cycle.
  • NASP approval/national recognition with conditions indicates the NASP review process found that a school psychology program demonstrated general consistency with key NASP standards, but must submit additional documentation, usually within 18 to 24 months, to be evaluated for possible continuation of NASP approval
  • Not Approved indicates a need for further development.

It should be noted that NASP treats programs with full or conditional status equally in terms of the rights and benefits of NASP approval. This is true of CAEP's national recognition status as well. Further, the same benefits are offered to graduates from programs with full NASP approval/national recognition and graduates from programs with conditional NASP approval/national recognition with conditions.

For more information regarding NASP program review and approval and the submission process to be used by school psychology graduate programs, please contact Dr. Natalie Politikos, chair of the NASP Program Accreditation Board, phone: (575) 646-9601, e-mail: Links to university and program websites are provided with changes made twice a year, one month after review cycles (3/1 and 9/1). Programs are asked to send changes to links to

The following school psychology programs have been approved/nationally recognized by the National Association of School Psychologists. The following key should be used in examining this list.

View a list of all known school psychology programs and detailed information about each program, regardless of program approval/accredition.

Key: Program Level, SL=Specialist Level and DL=Doctoral Level. The NASP approval/national recognition status of the program (full or with conditions) is also listed, followed by the initial year of approval.


University of Alabama
SL-Full, 1989 DL-Full, 1989


Northern Arizona University
SL-Full, 1991; DL-Full, 1991

University of Arizona
SL-Full, 2017; DL-Full, 1991


Arkansas State University
SL-Full, 2009

University of Central Arkansas
SL-Full, 1994; DL- Full 2006


Azusa Pacific University
SL-Full, 2010

California State University-Chico
SL-Full, 1998

California State University-East Bay (Formerly CSU-Hayward)
SL-Full, 1994

California State University-Fresno
SL-Full, 1994

California State University-Long Beach
SL-Full, 2005

California State University-Los Angeles
SL-Full, 1993

California State University-Monterey Bay
SL-Candidacy Status, 2017

California State University-Northridge
SL-Full, 2005

California State University-Sacramento
SL-Full, 2001

Chapman University (Orange, CA campus only)
SL-Full, 2005

Loyola Marymount University
SL-Full, 2007

San Diego State University
SL-Full, 1989

University of California, Berkeley
DL-Full, 2017

University of California-Riverside
DL-Full, 2004

University of California-Santa Barbara
DL-Full, 2007

University of the Pacific
SL-With Conditions, 2008


University of Colorado, Denver
DL-Full, 2018

University of Denver
SL-Full, 2007; DL-Full, 2014

University of Northern Colorado
SL-Full, 1990; DL-Full, 1990


Fairfield University
SL-With Conditions, 2010

Southern Connecticut State University
SL-With Conditionis, 1997

University of Connecticut
SL-Full, 1991

University of Hartford
SL-Full, 1999


University of Delaware
SL-Full, 1994; DL-With Conditions, 2007

District of Columbia

Gallaudet University
SL-Full, 1991

Howard University
DL-With Conditions, 2008


Barry University
SL-Full, 2001

Florida International University
SL-Full, 2015

Florida State University
SL-Full, 2013

Nova Southeastern University
SL-Full, 2011; DL-Full, 2015

University of Central Florida
SL-Full, 1989

University of Florida
SL-Full, 1989; DL-Full, 1989

University of South Florida
SL-Full, 1988; DL-Full, 1988


Georgia Southern University
SL-Full, 2012

Georgia State University
DL-Full, 1988

University of Georgia
DL-Full, 1988


Idaho State University
SL-Full, 2008


The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
SL-Full, 2010 

Eastern Illinois University
SL-Full, 1994

Illinois State University
SL-Full, 1990; DL-Full, 1998

Loyola University-Chicago
SL-Full, 2000; DL-Full, 2003

National-Louis University
SL-With Conditions, 1995 

Northern Illinois University
SL-Full, 1992; DL-Full, 2014

Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
SL-Full, 1999

Western Illinois University
SL-Full, 1995


Ball State University
SL-Full, 1991; DL-Full, 1991

Indiana State University
SL-Full, 1996; DL-Full, 1991

Indiana University-Bloomington
SL-Full, 1993; DL-Full, 1994

Valparaiso University
SL-Full, 2011


University of Iowa
DL-With Conditions, 1992

University of Northern Iowa
SL-Full, 1995


Emporia State University
SL-Full, 2002 

University of Kansas
SL-Full, 1994; DL-Full, 1999 

Wichita State University
SL-Full, 1996 


Eastern Kentucky University
SL-Full, 1994 

University of Kentucky
SL-Full, 1989; DL-Full, 1989 

Western Kentucky University
SL-Full, 1993 


Louisiana State University
DL-Full, 2003  

Louisiana State University-Shreveport
SL-Full, 1994 

Nicholls State University
SL-Full, 1988 


Bowie State University
SL-Full, 2012 

Towson University
SL-Full, 2001 

University of Maryland-College Park
SL- Full, 1988; DL-Full, 1988   


William James College (formerly Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology) 
SL-Full, 2009; DL-Full, 2017 

Northeastern University
SL-Full, 1995; DL-Full, 2014 

Tufts University
SL-Full, 1994 

University of Massachusetts-Amherst
SL-Full, 2017

University of Massachusetts-Boston
SL-Full, 1991 

Worcester State University
SL-Full, 2012


Andrews University
SL-Full, 2003

Central Michigan University
SL-Full, 1990; DL-Full, 1996

Grand Valley State University
SL-Full, 2018

Michigan State University
SL-Full, 2007; DL-Full, 1992 

University of Detroit-Mercy
SL-Full, 2012 

Wayne State University
SL- Full, 2006


Minnesota State University-Mankato
DL-Full, 2015

Minnesota State University-Moorhead
SL-Full, 1988 

University of Minnesota
SL-Full, 1992; DL-Full, 1992 


Mississippi State University
SL-Full, 1992; DL-Full, 1992 

University of Southern Mississippi
DL-Full, 1989 


University of Missouri-Columbia
DL-Full, 2014

University of Missouri-St. Louis
SL-Full, 2009 


University of Montana
SL-Full, 1994 ; DL-Full, 2016


University of Nebraska-Kearney
SL-Full, 1994

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
SL-Full, 1990; DL-Full, 1990 

University of Nebraska-Omaha
SL-Full, 1995 


University of Nevada-Las Vegas
SL-Full, 1998 

New Hampshire

Plymouth State University
SL-Full, 2015

New Jersey

Fairleigh Dickinson University
SL-Full, 2012 

Georgian Court
SL-Full, 2010 

Kean University
SL-Full, 1999; DL-Full, 2017 

New Jersey City University
SL-Full, 2006 

Rider University
SL-Full, 2007 

Rowan University
SL-Full, 1994 

Rutgers University
DL-Full, 2008 

New Mexico

New Mexico State University
SL-Full, 2006

New York

Adelphi University
SL-Full, 2013 

Alfred University
SL-Full, 1994 [NASP-accredited]; DL-Full, 2015

Brooklyn College
SL-Full, 2006

College of St. Rose
SL-Full, 2009

Columbia University, Teachers College
SL-Full, 2005; DL-Full, 2002 

Fordham University-Lincoln Center
SL-Full, 1988; DL-Full, 1989 

Hofstra University
DL-Full, 1989 

Iona College
SL-With Conditions, 2008 

Marist College
SL-Full, 2015 

Mercy College
SL-Full, 2014 

Niagara University
SL-Full, 2014 

Pace University
DL-Full, 1999 

Queens College-CUNY
SL-Full, 1995 

Roberts Wesleyan College
SL-Full, 2009 

Rochester Institute of Technology
SL-Full, 1994 

St. John's University
SL-Full, 2007 [NASP Accredited]; DL-Full, 2007 

State University of New York-Albany
SL-Full, 2007 

State University of New York-Buffalo
SL-Full, 1994 

State University of New York-Oswego
SL-With Conditions, 2001 

State University of New York-Plattsburgh
SL-Full, 2008 

Syracuse University
DL-With Conditions, 2011 

Yeshiva University
DL-Full, 1995

North Carolina

Appalachian State University
SL-Full, 1991 

East Carolina University
SL-Full, 1996 

North Carolina State University
DL-Full, 1989 

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
DL-Full, 1988 

Western Carolina University
SL-Full, 2001 

North Dakota

Minot State University
SL-Full, 1998 


Cleveland State University
SL-Full, 1994 

John Carroll University
SL-Full, 1994  

Kent State University
SL-Full, 1991; DL-Full, 1990 

Miami University
SL-Full, 1990 

Ohio State University
SL-Full, 1991; DL-Full, 2014 

University of Cincinnati
SL-Full, 1991; DL-Full, 1991

University of Dayton
SL-Full, 1992

University of Toledo
SL-Full, 2006 

Youngstown State University
SL-Full, 2018


Oklahoma State University
SL-With Conditions, 1999; DL-Full, 1999

Southwestern Oklahoma State University
SL-Full, 2019

University of Central Oklahoma
SL- Full, 2007 


Lewis & Clark College
SL-Full, 2001 

University of Oregon
SL-Full, 2014; DL-Full, 1992


California University of Pennsylvania
SL-Full, 2006 

Duquesne University
SL-Full, 2001; DL-Full, 2008 

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
SL-Full, 2006 

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
SL-With Conditions, 1991; DL-With Conditions, 1995 

Lehigh University
SL-Full, 1988; DL-Full, 1991 

Millersville University of Pennsylvania
SL-Full, 1990 

Pennsylvania State University
DL-Full, 1991 

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
SL-Full, 2009, DL-Full, 2007 

Temple University
SL-Full, 2000; DL-Full, 1987

Rhode Island

Rhode Island College
SL-Full, 2003 

University of Rhode Island
Inactive status - not admitting students

South Carolina

The Citadel
SL-Full, 2000 

Francis Marion University
SL-Full, 2001 

University of South Carolina
DL-Full, 1990

Winthrop University
SL-Full, 1988 

South Dakota

University of South Dakota
SL-Full, 2000; DL-Full, 2000 


Middle Tennessee State University
SL-Full, 1991 

University of Memphis
SL-Full, 1988 

University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
SL-Full, 2008 

University of Tennessee-Knoxville
DL-Full, 1988 


Abilene Christian University
SL-Full, 2003 

Baylor University
SL-Full, 2008 

Sam Houston State University
SL-Full, 2001 

Stephen F. Austin State University
SL-With Conditions, 2006 

Texas A&M University
DL-Full, 1991 

Texas A&M University-Commerce
SL-Full, 2008 

Texas State University- San Marcos
SL-Full, 1995 

Texas Woman's University
SL-Full, 1995; DL-Full, 1994 

Trinity University
SL-Full, 1996 

University of Houston-Clear Lake
SL-Full, 1989 

University of Houston-Victoria
SL-Candidacy Status, 2017

University of Houston
DL- Full 2014 

University of Texas-Austin
DL-Full, 1993

University of Texas-San Antonio
SL-Full, 2015  [NASP-Accredited]


Brigham Young University
SL-Full, 2008 

University of Utah
SL-Full, 2014; DL-Full, 1993 

Utah State University
SL-Full, 1995    


College of William and Mary
SL-Full, 1991 

George Mason University
SL-Full, 1987 

James Madison University
SL-Full, 1991

Radford University
SL-Full, 1999 

University of Virginia
DL (Ph.D. only)-Full, 2007 


Central Washington University
SL-Full, 1999 

Eastern Washington University (EdS program only)
SL-Full, 2001 

Seattle University
SL-Full, 1998 

University of Washington
SL-Full, 1998; DL-Full, 1995 

West Virginia

Marshall University
SL-Full, 2006 


Alverno College
SL-Candidacy Status, 2018

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
SL-Full, 1993 

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
SL-Full, 1994 

University of Wisconsin-Madison
DL-Full, 1992 

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
SL-Full, 2005; DL-Full, 2000 

University of Wisconsin-River Falls
SL-Full, 2009 

University of Wisconsin-Stout
SL-Full, 1996 

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
SL-Full, 1995