Graduate Program Approval and Accreditation

The National Association of School Psychologists' (NASP) Program Accreditation Board provides a review and approval service to graduate programs in school psychology. NASP program approval and accreditation is part of the association's commitment to serving the mental health and educational interests of all children and youth by promoting the preparation of competent professionals in accordance with the Standards for Graduate Preparation of School Psychologists.

Effective July 1, 2018, there will be a new process and fee structure for programs independently reviewed/accredited by NASP or intending to seek such accreditation. This does not apply to programs approved by NASP through NCATE/CAEP.

2010 NASP Standards for Graduate Preparation of School Psychologists

Instructions and Report Template for NASP Programs in CAEP EPPs

Instructions and Report Template for NASP Independently Reviewed Programs

Submission Deadlines

  • Fall Review - September 15
    Notification of decision on or around February 1
  • Spring Review - March 15
    Notification of decision on or around August 1

NASP-Approval for APA-Accredited School Psychology Doctoral Programs (Abbreviated Review Process)

NASP will accept APA-Accreditation in lieu of the submission of a doctoral program folio to the NASP Program Accreditation Board, contingent on the submission of documentation regarding program compliance with NASP internship standards.

To obtain NASP-Approval, the program director of an APA-Accredited doctoral program must:

  1. Officially request in writing that the APA-Accredited school psychology program be awarded NASP-Approval. The request should specify the timeframe for which APA-Accreditation has been awarded.
  2. The request should include copies of program policy documents showing internship requirements consistent with NASP standards. In particular, programs must provide evidence that at least 600 hours of a minimum 1500 hour internship are completed in a school setting. The possibility of a program waiver of the school-based requirement based on equivalent prior experience (e.g., a supervised specialist-level internship) should be clarified through official program policy (see Policy on Credit for Prior Internships below).
  3. The request should include one copy each of the latest APA site visit team report, follow-up correspondence from the program to APA (if any), and the official decision letter from the APA Committee on Accreditation. All correspondence and supporting documentation should be submitted electronically to Dr. Natalie Politikos, Chair of the Program Accreditation Board; and to Eric Rossen, NASP Director of Professional Development and Standards. The above items must be submitted each time the program is reviewed and reaccredited by APA. Any change in the program's APA-Accreditation status must be communicated in writing immediately to the Chair of the Program Accreditation Board.

Policy on Credit for Prior Internships

Assuming that such action would be consistent with the graduate preparation program’s values and goals, credit for up to one-half of the program’s required internship may be given to a candidate who completed a prior graduate program and associated internship or equivalent experience in school psychology or a closely allied field if the following conditions are met:

  1. The internship must have been preceded by appropriate graduate coursework and practica and must include a range of activities consistent with both program goals and NASP standards.
  2. The experience must have been consistent with NASP internship standards, particularly those pertaining to conditions of supervision and credentials of field supervisors; at least 600 hours of the total internship, including any portion thereof for which credit for prior internship or the equivalent is granted, must be in a school setting.
  3. There is evidence that the candidate successfully completed the internship and has continued to utilize the resulting knowledge and skills on a continuous basis since the time of the internship (programs should note that they will ultimately be responsible for assessing and documenting the culminating performance of interns/graduates).
  4. The internship and associated supervision can be appropriately documented for such purposes as program approval/accreditation and candidate application for state and national certification.

NASP-Approved Programs

Review a list of all current NASP-Approved graduate preparation programs in school psychology.

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