School Psychology Graduate Students

As a school psychology graduate student, you have made an exciting step forward in your life, and toward reaching your career goals. NASP offers resources, fact sheets, and articles designed specifically for graduate students, to help supplement the learning you gain from your courses.

Graduate Students & NASP

Placeholder ImageNASP offers school psychology graduate students a deeply discounted membership rate, as well as dramatically discounted registration for our annual conventions. We invite you to participate in the Convention Mentoring Program, and gain knowledge from meeting with a more experienced professional. NASP graduate student members have a special online Community where they can interact and ask for advice, and can search for jobs in the NASP Career Center, and see select jobs 7 days before non-members.

Resources & Funding

Placeholder ImageRead fact sheets on achieving success in your program, prepping for your internship and first job, getting involved with the profession, and additional topics. You can also read Student Connections Column articles from the Communiqué newspaper in areas including tips for graduate school success, advocacy, culturally responsive practice, and more! We also have information on funding opportunities, including the NASP Graduate Student Research Grants and the NASP-ERT Minority Scholarship Program.

Advance Your Career

Placeholder ImageNASP has multiple avenues through which you can advance your career. You can participate by planning school psychology awareness and advocacy events as a Student Leader at your graduate program, or serve on the Graduate Student Committee and help represent graduate students within NASP's national leadership. If you're attending our annual convention, you can sign up to meet with a professional mentor. Or, you can demonstrate your commitment to professional excellence by applying to become a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP).

Get Involved

Placeholder ImageThere are a variety of great ways to become more involved with your professional association and school psychology as a whole! You can learn about activities at your graduate program, including setting up a local graduate student organization, and advocating for and promoting awareness of the profession. You can write for the Student Connections column of Communiqué, or can promote diversity in the school psychology profession by serving as a Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CLD) Ambassador of Recruitment.

Get a Dramatic Discount

School psychology graduate students get steeply discounted NASP membership rates! Your NASP membership rate is a fraction of our regular rate.