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  • Free Online Course on Supporting LGBTQ Students

    Volume 46 Issue 8

    Volume 46 Issue 8

    School-based mental health professionals, including school psychologists, school social workers, and school counselors, consistently rank among the most trusted school professionals by LGBTQ students (GLSEN, 2011; GLSEN, 2013; GLSEN, 2015). Like their peers, LGBTQ youth need to feel socially, emotio ...

  • Heartache in Orlando: Response, Recovery, and Reflection

    Volume 45 Issue 2

    This article details one school psychologist's experience serving the Orlando community following the June 12, 2016, shooting at the Pulse nightclub. ...

  • Intersections of Identity: Exceptionality and LGBTQ

    Volume 45 Issue 1

    This article is devoted to raising awareness and opening the conversation for educators regarding multiple minority youth; that is, youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ), as racial minorities, and as people with disabilities. ...

  • Introducing Gender Diversity Within an Elementary School

    Volume 45 Issue 5

    In this article, Amy Glazer reflects on a recent growth experience spurred by one of her students. ...

  • June Is LGBT Pride Month

    Volume 45 Issue 8

    Volume 45 Issue 8

    This article introduces an educator's guide to LGBTQ-inclusive curricula in contributing to feelings of student connectedness, reductions in homophobic remarks, and making schools safer for LGBTQ students. ...

  • 2016 Keynote Address

    At the Keynote Address for the NASP 2016 Annual Convention, NASP President Todd A. Savage hosted Janet Mock, nationally acclaimed author and advocate. Together, they discussed her experiences as a transgender woman, her journey from her childhood as multiracial, poor, and trans in Hawaii, and the im ...

  • 2017 Keynote Address

    World renowned author and advocate Tererai Trent shares her experiences as a young girl in rural Zimbabwe, a country then known as Rhodesia and under colonial rule, where a war for liberation and her passion for education sparked her life's trajectory. While traditional women's roles prevented her f ...

  • 2018 Keynote Address

    A powerful storyteller with a powerful story to tell, Dr. Steve L. Robbins has an uncanny ability to inspire people even as he is challenging the way they think about the world. Born in Vietnam, Dr. Robbins immigrated with his mother to the United States, where they faced many challenges during a ti ...

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, and Two Spirit (LGBTQI2-S) Committee

    NASP believes that school psychologists are ethically obligated to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity for the development and expression of their personal identity in a safe school environment. ...

  • LGBTQ posters

    These posters will serve as a visible reminder of educators' commitment to safe and welcoming learning environment for all students and families. ...

Displaying 11 to 20 of 35 records.
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