Responding to the Louisiana Floods

Floods in Louisiana have caused wide-spread damage, displaced thousands, and disrupted the start of school in many areas, particularly Baton Rouge. The Louisiana School Psychological Association (LSPA) is working with the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) to support local school psychologists and schools through professional development, crisis consultation, and resources.

Watch a Webinar on Promoting Resilience and Recovery

In response to the floods, LSPA and NASP co-presented a webinar on promoting resilience and recovery. The webinar provides information for schools to help students, families, and staff as they recover from the natural disaster. Furthermore, the webinar outlines the disaster response phases, suggests ways in planning how to intervene, and provides ideas in addressing the unique needs of the school community.   

Download the NASP Handouts on Natural Disasters, and Recovery

We offer many resources to help families and schools recover from natural disaster. The resources are also available as PDFs to download, and share.

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NASP LSPA Flood Response

Contact Information

Amber Boykin, LSPA President
Cindy Dickinson, NASP School Safety and Crisis Committee Member
Kathy Cowan, NASP Director of Communications