#SP4SJ Podcast and Google Hangout Series

In collaboration with school psychology educators, practitioners, and graduate students, the Social Justice Task Force has developed a series to discuss and share knowledge on a range of topics. Through the lens of school psychology and social justice, these recordings will cover issues such as white privilege, the school-to-prison pipeline, bullying prevention, safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students in schools, and preparing future advocates, as well as implications for teaching and practice. 

NASP 123

An Introduction to the #SP4SJ Series
This episode explores the definition of social justice, how the social justice lens in utilized in various roles, and why social justice matters to school psychologists. Podcast participants also discuss what social justice means to them personally and where they think the work of the field should go next within a social justice framework.

NASP 123

Understanding White Privilege
This episode explains White privilege and provides an overview of its historical context and related key concepts. Participants discuss their own experiences that led to understanding White privilege, as well as the impact White privilege has on society and within schools. Finally, participants explore implications for school psychology practice and possible barriers to accepting the existence of White privilege.

NASP 123

Social Justice Perspective on Bullying Prevention
In this episode, participants provide insights and suggestions on how school psychologists can address bullying through a social justice lens.

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Social Justice Lesson Plans
Two lesson plans were formulated by NASP's Social Justice Task Force and are intended to guide conversations and activities related to race and privilege. While each lesson plan is designed for the school context, they may be modified for use in other settings.

External Social Justice Resources
A growing list of resources that can inform social justice work.