Mental Health Resources

These resources were developed to help educators support the mental health needs of their school community.

  • Mitigating Psychological Effects of Lockdowns

    While school shootings are rare, perception of risk is high. Designed to protect students from danger in and around a school, lockdowns are intended to secure a school to keep out a threat. … more

  • Threat Assessment at School

    Threat assessment represents an important component of a comprehensive approach to school safety that gives schools an alternative to zero tolerance discipline policies that have proven to be ineffective and counterproductive. … more

  • Preventing Youth Suicide

    Youth suicide is a serious problem, but is preventable if the right people know the warning signs and how to get help. … more

  • Trauma

    Trauma is a serious problem that can increase the risk for psychological, behavioral or emotional problems (depression or PTSD), substance abuse, low occupational attainment or academic failure, social maladjustment and poor medical health. … more

  • War & Terrorism

    Scenes of war and violence around the world played out on the news can have a negative impact on all children—particularly those who have suffered personal loss from or been exposed firsthand to terrorist or military actions, and those whose parents are members of the military, active duty reservists, law enforcement, or emergency response. … more

  • Addressing Grief

    School-based support and increased understanding are essential when a student experiences the death of a friend or loved one. While each student will be affected differently depending on his or her developmental level, cultural beliefs, personal characteristics, family situation, and previous experiences. … more

  • Anniversaries of Traumatic Events: Guidance for Educators

    The “anniversary effect” can trigger intense feelings and reactions in children and adults who have been affected by this or similar tragedies. … more

  • Memorials

    When a tragedy occurs at a school, there often is a call for the creation of a memorial to remember or commemorate the loss or tragic event. Many recommendations, special considerations, and decisions will need to be made in the emotional aftermath of a school crisis. This handout highlights and addresses some key points for your memorial committee to consider when your school is faced with the challenge of designing a memorial following an incident. … more

  • Care for Caregivers: Tips for Families and Educators

    Parents, teachers, and other caregivers play a critical role in helping children cope with crises. It is extremely important, however, for caregivers to monitor their own reactions and take care of their own needs as failure to do so can result in stress and burnout. … more

  • Become a Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Volunteer

    The Red Cross has been providing shelter, feeding, health and mental health support to thousands affected by the floods in the Gulf States. Many more DMH workers are needed to support clients and responders who continue to struggle to cope with significant losses. … more