Recruiting Practitioners

Increasing the number of new practitioners entering the field involves recruiting a diverse range of individuals for graduate preparation in school psychology. In order to optimize their impact, recruitment efforts should promote early awareness of the field across several groups, including high school students, undergraduate students, and professionals in related fields (e.g., education, clinical psychology) who are interested in re-specializing.

One especially important consideration in addressing shortages concerns the underrepresentation of culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) practitioners. The results of NASP's most recent membership survey indicated that only 13% of respondents identified as racial and/or ethnic minorities. Moreover, only 14% of members reported fluency in a language other than English, and only half of these individuals reported involvement in bilingual or multilingual service delivery (Walcott, Charvat, McNamara, & Hyson, 2015). Efforts to increase the representation of CLD school psychologists should be a critical component of national efforts to remedy shortages. 

Recruiting Faculty

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    Recruiting Faculty

    Recruitment refers to strategies that help attract professionals into positions that are otherwise hard to fill or at a level where demand exceeds supply. … more