Increasing Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Among School Psychology Faculty

  • Provide more opportunities for students from racial/ethnic minority backgrounds to work with mentors who are also from minority backgrounds. Minority graduate students should have access to faculty from underrepresented backgrounds who can model strategies for overcoming institutional barriers. For example, the African American Mentoring Program (AAMP) at San Diego State University (SDSU; 2016) provides African American graduate students with comprehensive mentoring.
  • Model for minority students how to traverse mainstream academic settings while maintaining identity. Minority faculty should model for minority graduate students how to navigate the academic world while maintaining and asserting their respective cultural identities (Beasley, Miller, & Cokley, 2015).
  • Take measures to improve university climate. These measures may include remedying potential salary discrepancies and emphasizing the value of multicultural scholarship, graduate preparation and service (Turner, Gonázlez, & Wood, 2008).