Model School Suicide Prevention Policy

In order to reduce youth suicide, we must craft effective policies that support the mental health and wellness of all students. Effective suicide prevention policies are essential to meeting the critical role and responsibility that schools have in identifying and providing interventions for at risk students.

NASP partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the American School Counselor Association, and the Trevor Project to update the Model School Policy, a comprehensive guidebook for school administrators and policymakers. The guidebook contains best practices in suicide prevention, intervention and postvention policies for K-12 schools. It can be used for the development of suicide prevention plans at the district level and implementation at the school level, and includes best practices relating to parental notification and engagement, re-entry procedure after an attempt, in-school suicide attempts, out-of-school suicide attempts, suicide postvention, and sample language for a student handbook.

Read the full Model School Suicide Prevention Policy press release here.

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