Phi Delta Kappan Volume 43, Issue 4: Learning & Mental Health

NASP's Director of Professional Development and Standards Eric Rossen and Director of Communications Kathy Cowan collaborated as guest editors of the December 2014/January 2015 issue of Phi Delta Kappan magazine. NASP members have been given access to this issue, which focuses on supporting the mental health needs of children in schools. Articles address a range of issues associated with providing services and speak to school leaders, teachers, school mental health professionals, researchers, and higher education teacher preparation educators.



Improving Mental Health in Schools*
Eric Rossen and Katherine C. Cowan

A Journey Through the Labyrinth of Mental Illness*
Katherine C. Cowan

Get Families on Board to Navigate Mental Health Issues*
Kathleen M. Minke and Harleen S. Vickers

Support Beyond High School for Those With Mental Illness*
Diana Joyce-Beaulieu and Sally Grapin

The Best Mental Health Programs Start With All Students*
John E. Desrochers

School-Community Alliances Enhance Mental Health Services*
Kelly Vaillancourt and Andria Amador

The Affordable Care Act and School-Based Mental Health Services*
Kelly Vaillancourt and John Kelly

Crossing a Broad Gray Line to Help Children
Megan M. Allen

Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Kevin Cokley, Brettjet Cody, Leann Smith, Samuel Beasley, I.S. Keino Miller, Ashley Hurst, Olufunke Awosogba, Steven Stone, and Stacey Jackson

Interventions Can Salve Unseen Anxiety Barriers
Jessica Minahan and Jerome J. Schultz

Re-Engaging School Dropouts With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Julia Wilkins and Loujeania Williams Bost

This month’s Kappan Professional Development Discussion Guide includes a guide to using articles focusing on learning and mental health.

* Articles contributed by NASP members.