Military-Connected Families

Military children, youth, and their families are a special part of our nation’s population. Schools play an important role in providing support to students during difficult transition times. School psychologists offer strategies to promote resiliency in students, resources for families to become connected in the community, and expertise for school staff to best deliver supports in the classroom environment.

NASP Resources


School Psychology Best Practices With Military Families PowerPoint
This PowerPoint presentation is designed to be used in graduate training programs and to conduct staff development trainings for educators who work with military-connected youth and their families. ... more


School Transitions Among Military Adolescents: A Qualitative Study of Stress and Coping
The research on highly mobile military adolescents has produced mixed findings. Whereas early descriptive studies reported that adolescents experiencing multiple ... more

Research-Based Practice: Working With Children of Military Families
Today’s military families are a diverse, resilient group of brave Americans, and our country owes them a tremendous debt of gratitude. To date, over 2 million service members have been deployed ... more

Margaret Moore and Fort Belvoir Elementary School
Finding the “new normal” is a way of life for kids and families at Fort Belvoir Elementary School in Fairfax County, Virginia. Of course, according to Margaret Moore, school psychologist at Fort Belvoir, “That's the nature of life in the military. There is constant movement and change.” ... more

Tying the Yellow Ribbon: How School Psychologists and Educators Can Support Military Families
Driving through Illinois, I marvel at the thousands of yellow ribbons I see. Some are magnets on cars, others are tied around trees, and some are posters with names of deployed veterans on them ... more

Military Deployment: How School Psychologists Can Help
Nearly 700,000 children have at least one parent in the U. S. National Guard or Reserve (Our Military Kids, 2007). These children are in civilian schools, very possibly in buildings where you work! Some could be experiencing their parent's first deployment and feeling very alone and scared ... more

School Psychology Program Partners With Illinois National Guard on Reintegration Program
In the course of one of the authors working as a Red Cross volunteer providing mental health services to children and families of local National Guard Soldiers deployed to Iraq, he was contacted by the Illinois National Guard to explore the Illinois State University school psychology program's interest in evaluating a recently developed set of reintegration services ... more

Military Families, Guidance for Principals
Students from military families, particularly those with a parent deployed to a war zone, are at increased risk for numerous negative outcomes as well as home instability. Schools that support military students can improve their availability for learning ... more


Military-Connected Children: You Can Make a Difference

NASP Dialogues: Effects of Deployment on the Military Family: A Mother's Perspective

NASP Dialogues: Military Families: The Deployment Cycle

NASP Dialogues: Military Families and the Reintegration Process

Military Deployment: How School Psychologists Can Help  

An Interview With Dr. Mark Pisano: Stressors Military Children and Families Experience During a Deployment  

Outside Resources

Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness at Penn State and Sesame Street for Military Families provide many free resources, including toolkits, multimedia presentations, quick fact sheets, and more.

Penn State Resources

School Resources About Military Families
Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness at Penn State offers online learning modules to promote awareness; toolkits with brochures, handouts, and strategies to use within the school setting or to share with families; and directories to seek technical assistance.

Sesame Street Resources

Resources for Veteran Families
Transitions can be hard, especially for children of military families who often move frequently. Sesame Street provides opportunities to celebrate families’ strengths and open conversations on expressing feelings, navigating transitions, and staying connected with friends.

Sesame Street Keepsake Activity Book
The Keepsake Activity Book lets military families engage in conversation with their children on the issues of change through drawing, reflecting, and more.

Sesame Street for Military Families
Visit the main Sesame Street for Military Families page for resources on grief, deployments, relocation, and more.

Month of the Military Child: Social Media Activation
This social media guide provides sample social media posts to share and suggests ways to join the conversation online with the #MOTMC and #KidsServeToo hashtags.

Additional Resources for U.S. Military Families
This free program allows military-connected youth and service members in U.S. military families to connect to a live tutor online at any time for one-to-one help with homework, studying, test prep, proofreading, and more.


ESSA Overview

Military-Connected Children: You Can Make a Difference

This webinar in the NASP Online Learning Center addresses the challenges children of military families face in schools. After years of war, millions of children have experienced a parent, sibling, or extended family member being deployed to a combat zone. Learn how you can support their success in school. Earn NASP-approved CPD.